Holy Crap!

Oh my father, what a crap! I have spent incredible much time with my blog’s template today, because I messed up the blog’s font displaying! It worked fine in MSIE, but not in Opera (standard Times New Roman got displayed instead!). Believe me, that reset edit and copy & paste from a backup I did, did […]


Incase everybody who reads this, wants to catch newsfeeds of my homepage, blog and fotolog (I use M2 of Opera for feeding RSS XML newsfeeds!). Here is the list: Personal Homepage Newsfeed: RSS Nafcom’s Blogger Newsfeed: RSS / ATOM Nafcom’s Fotolog Newsfeed: RSS / ATOM Enjoy the newsfeeds! Good Night! 🙂 Technorati Tags: newsfeeds

Bloggs and it continues

It seems that, after 4 days not having posted anything to my blog, I have today the posting boost. I have been browsing a bit though the blogs, and most are non-English, so I cannot read and many look to me like promotional pages. Howerever I stopped for a while and began reading here and there. Also interesting […]


gmail spam folder Originally uploaded by nafcom. Guys, Do I begin to actually HATE GMAIL! Since over 9 days (!) I have no acess to my spam folder! (As you can see on the screenshot, an error message! “Oops, try again in a few seconds”, etc. AM I NUTS?! Sure, the GMAIL Team is working heavily […]