ICQ Boards Freezed!

At April, 20th, so since over 7 hours right now, the boards are freezed, you can do posts and they get registered by the system but they won’t display when you refresh the board/group boards. Seems like they either have a technical problem or do maintenance. Whatever it is, I am sure that many angry […]

Power Udo?!

At the moment, the ICQ Admin Udo seems to has his best days at the moment.Yesterday, he posted in the ICQ Focus Group like there is no tomorrow!6 posts on one day, that is a record!!! He even replied to posts which he normally would not reply to.To honour his efforts, I have updated the […]

Devil Factory

Devil Factory Originally uploaded by nafcom. The new ICQ Xtra called “Devil Factory – Create Live ICQ Devils”.In the screenshot you see my personal fave one 🙂 It only appears in the English ICQ version, yet. it’s a bit similar to Yahoo Avatars with the exception that they speak to you if you click one […]

The ICQ Homepage

You know, ICQ, I like ICQ a lot, I support ICQ, etc.But recently I complained in the Expert Board that certain features like the flash promotional, the date of xtraz and the IrCQ chat panel don’t display properly in Opera browser.Since I received no complete statement, wether you only need to have MSIE 5.5 or […]

ICQ Spam offering ICQ Spam!

ICQ Spam offering ICQ Spam! Originally uploaded by nafcom. From an email of an ICQ for Mac user and friend: Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005 22:43:36 -0500Subject: I thought this was kind of funny…From: AJH To: Nafcom Message I got while I was hanging around on ICQ before. Spam offering me… spam…? It just gets […]