I will swim from Norway to the USA if download numbers of Opera 8 reach 1 million in four days

… with those words, Jon S. von Tetzchner, the CEO of Opera Software he sealed his future in the way that he finally has to 🙂
Infact the new Opera 8 reached over 1 million downloads in 4 days, so it was a big success, with the release of Opera 8 Final! 🙂
See the details about is bravery swim, here and more about his route there. Incase you wonder what “.SVG” is, look here 😉

Works in Opera, seems not to work in MSIE… 😛

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ICQ Boards Freezed!

At April, 20th, so since over 7 hours right now, the boards are freezed, you can do posts and they get registered by the system but they won’t display when you refresh the board/group boards.

Seems like they either have a technical problem or do maintenance.

Whatever it is, I am sure that many angry users will appear as soon as the freezing status got removed! (and a lot of double posts!).

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Devil Factory

Devil Factory
Originally uploaded by nafcom.

The new ICQ Xtra called “Devil Factory – Create Live ICQ Devils”.
In the screenshot you see my personal fave one 🙂

It only appears in the English ICQ version, yet.

it’s a bit similar to Yahoo Avatars with the exception that they speak to you if you click one of the emoticons (click! typing the ASCII code for the emoticons will not cause audio emotions).

Unfortunately this service is only for free for a limited amount of time, until it will get finally a paid service 🙁

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The ICQ Homepage

You know, ICQ, I like ICQ a lot, I support ICQ, etc.
But recently I complained in the Expert Board that certain features like the flash promotional, the date of xtraz and the IrCQ chat panel don’t display properly in Opera browser.
Since I received no complete statement, wether you only need to have MSIE 5.5 or higher installed so that Opera 5 will work (which we knew) or if even the ICQ Homepage located at www.icq.com is meant to only work properly with MSIE 5.5 or up!
Today, Udo made this clear:

in this thread and I think it sucks heavily! especially because a new official ICQ for Mac client is in the making and the homepage doesn’t even display properly in MSIE for Macintosh!!! 🙁

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