My thoughts on; the iPhone3G

So I have finally got an iPhone3G myself.

I didn’t want the iPhone of 2007 because

-It was too expensive
-It didn’t have UMTS (3G) and GPS

Now that prices have dropped and the iPhone got improved feature-wise I have got my hand on one. I was lucky enough to be among the first 5000 people who ordered it online so I have got it one day after the release day during my time I took off work!

First I had a few problems getting them to activate the SIM card as the eshop system added a middle name “Volker” but I do not have even any middle name!!!!

In the end I have got it activated and it’s working nicely. First thing I exspected: The stereo sound is a fake! It appears like only one speaker is in the phone and there are 2 speaker holes in the phone to make it look like being stereo!

Also there is yet no TV cable for the iPhone 3G yet as the docking connector’s pinout is different. If you try it anyway you will get the message that the cable is not build for use with the iPhone.

What I did immediately is to get my hands on the following two things:

Skype for the iPhone and ICQ.

The only client that is available now is IM+ for Skype.
They have good customer support but like most MacOS chat applications it has much ugly colourful speaking bubbles like demonstrated here:

Now up to ICQ. First I was using BeeJive but it’s bloody slow and it constantly will say “(null) please try again later” or something similar because sometimes you just get disconnected. They replied to my first email saying it’s fixed, but trust me – it’s not!

My follow-up emails have been all ignored! They probably laugh and simply click on “delete”.

So I moved to Meebo for iPhone which is faster but seems to be cropped feature wise!

I have sent in a few questions to their customer support, let’s see what they are going to reply!

What took me a lot of time was getting email to work. I have written a detailed manual regarding how to get Opera Mail and iPhone Mail syncronized.

I have however got it to work and Wrote a manual here.

More news and more of my thoughts will be posted on my blog. For this I will introduce the new category named “iPhone”!

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Now you can rate my blog posts again – SezWho!

Unforetunately some functions of my blog stopped working, so did the Outbrain rating system, so I decided to exchange it with something new – SezWho which is a socialising network for blogs based on user ratings and comments to blog posts! It’s pretty cool and installing it into my blog was easy as apple pie eventhough their Blogger manual suggests that they only support Blogger 2.0.

However there is one major issue with it! It makes the blog stopping to display in MSIE 6 and IE7 because their security level is by default set to MEDIUM but SezWho only works on LOW.

According to their forum they are working on it and will get back soon!

Meanwhile, if you use Internet Explorer, please set your security level for this page to LOW. Thank you!


SezWho just replied to me!:

——- Forwarded message ——-
From: “Jitendra Gupta”
To: “Joerg Droege”
Subject: Re: SezWho doesn’t work in IE7!
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 00:37:40 +0200


We see the problem and have a fix for it…it should be all set shortly.

Also the template based layout is going to make this problem go away as
well. That solution should be available shortly.


We are also going to be introducing a template based blogger approach
shortly that

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Forum maintenance work for Nafcom

Hi there everybody.

For years I have successfuly removed all spam users now and then, but this time eventhough I could do everything time would allow me to do, the spammers found a way around it it seems and it became too much for me to clean it up within an hour or so.

This is why the forum will be taken down for a while (maybe a week or two) so I have enough time to clean it up.


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Blog maintenance work for Mr. Dew

Some of you steady readers might have noticed that some services I had implemented to my blog templated stopped working since they ceased to exist.

This is why I sent an email (well, the pretty template is all his work =) ) to Mr. Dew asking him to do the following changes (I have tried myself but the blog went defaced):

-Remove the OutBrain rate code:
-Assure that I implemented the SezWho code right so it shows on newest and all the archive pages of my blog! According to their homepage it will do eventually but may take a few hours to index as my blog is huge or so.

So it will be worked on – this post is just to inform my readers, if it starts to look strange then Mr. Dew is doing stuff 🙂 – But I trust him, as he is a master of his own =)

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A perspective on Skype

Since there are so much people posting about their opinion regarding Skype, here is the post which reflects mine.

Skype drops the ball on free calls. I cannot agree here. I am making hundreds of free Skype2Skype calls and they all are pretty stable, except if one of the parties has a problem, you can see that by enabling the technical call info.

Also cannot agree that the quality of SkypeOut calls are bad and the calls are dropping. I just recently did a call to Voluyak. The quality was ok. Cannot remember any drops.

The connection to a friend in Lima, Peru was bad a few years ago but there is an email address you can use and tell them all details regarding the call itself and the problems and they will go and fix it. The email address for this is pstn-feedback[at] I even sent them some sample recordings and they fixed it! 🙂

What however sucks is the worsened support and functionality of Skype on Devices. The devices are cool but working badly lately and Ipevo keeps silent or I receive useless reply from them. I sent complain letters to Belkin and Ipevo but no reply and Skype doesn’t care either it seems.
I feel recently like hitting them all against a wall and give it up for good!

However Will Skype ever take notice of what their customers say or want has a lot of truth in it.

All my complains I directed to Skype has been ignored. What frustrates me big time is the removed support of Opera and Opera Mail (Contacts) in Skype 4.0 Beta alltogether.

Opera support is what made Skype a wonderful application for me because I could import my contacts from Opera Mail into Skype with 2 clicks and a click on a Skype link would open Skype and cause an action like IM, call, info or add to contact list.

All scratched for good. Despite Opera getting more and more market share than back then in 2005 when Opera support was added (thereabouts) Skype obviously descided to scratch it. I wonder what the Opera Staff would say about it, especially since they took over Opera Watch.

I have heard Skype, Ipevo and Opera staff members check my posts. You are invited to post a comment!

In contrast to most Skype power-users still around, I use Skype since the very first ever released public client version! I have followed their development from the half-dublex voice calls in awesome quality to high quality DVD-like full screeen video calls.

My personal Skype heros are Carsten Helmuth, Howard Chang and Nils Hostrup who did everything they could to sort out my Skype hardware related problems and on who I could and can count if I have some weird problem that nobody else would be capable of fixing or helping me to troubleshoot!

So, thanks guys!

Other heroes are Dave Wright who helped me with Netgear SPH101 issues and Kent Smith who did the same for the (old) RTX USB DualPhone!

If there is any die-hard Skype fan like me who owns an Ipevo SOLO dectop phone, please email me!

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The Iphone 3G spies at you?

Does the iPhone 3G spy at you? It saves random screenshots while you use it, so be careful when using it, because somebody could borrow your iphone and fetch the screenshots of your emails, etc.

I called Apple today and they said what I experience is technically not possible!!!

However, this is of course wrong. It’s just crappy customer support they give to their users, They even put me on hold to for 5 mins to ask the “experts devision”!

It is technically possible and you can access them pretty easy as seen on the screenshot! As read here, just hold down the home button and then press the on/off button and it will make a screenshot for you.

Apple support, you suck and you did cost me 14 cent per minute!

And after 3 months you even want money from me for every single question! A whopping 50 €!

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How to syncronize your iPhone with Opera Mail

Prior to my own order of the iPhone 3G I searched days for solutions of how to syncronize your iPhone with Opera Mail just to find out that nobody really bothered writing about it.

This manual is for the iPhone software 2.0!

All you need is an IMAP email account that even syncronizes the SENT folder, so you will have an 100% identical email account on your iPhone and in Opera Mail! Unfortunately most email providers having IMAP doesn’t cover the sent folder. The solution is (hard to believe but true!) free AOL Mail (however at times they disable new sign ups).
I am using my account which was from the time when it was still called “AIM Mail”.

-Go in the Mail client on your iPhone and select “others”. (DO NOT select “AOL” it will most likely fail!)

-fill in your account login details

-Go in the Settings –> Mail in your iPhone. Assure Sent mail is pointing to “Sent” below “On the server” section.

-Now open Opera (Latest version needed!)

-Go to Tools –> Mail and Chat Accounts –> Add —> Email > enter your account login data. (Opera will fill the advanced settings itself)

-Open Mail from [your aol IMAP name here] and right click on any of the folders (INBOX for example) and select all folders including “Sent” and “Spam” so they are subscribed and OK

You are done! Every email, except SPAM are now syncronized between Opera Mail and your iPhone!

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