My thoughts on; the iPhone3G

So I have finally got an iPhone3G myself.

I didn’t want the iPhone of 2007 because

-It was too expensive
-It didn’t have UMTS (3G) and GPS

Now that prices have dropped and the iPhone got improved feature-wise I have got my hand on one. I was lucky enough to be among the first 5000 people who ordered it online so I have got it one day after the release day during my time I took off work!

First I had a few problems getting them to activate the SIM card as the eshop system added a middle name “Volker” but I do not have even any middle name!!!!

In the end I have got it activated and it’s working nicely. First thing I exspected: The stereo sound is a fake! It appears like only one speaker is in the phone and there are 2 speaker holes in the phone to make it look like being stereo!

Also there is yet no TV cable for the iPhone 3G yet as the docking connector’s pinout is different. If you try it anyway you will get the message that the cable is not build for use with the iPhone.

What I did immediately is to get my hands on the following two things:

Skype for the iPhone and ICQ.

The only client that is available now is IM+ for Skype.
They have good customer support but like most MacOS chat applications it has much ugly colourful speaking bubbles like demonstrated here:

Now up to ICQ. First I was using BeeJive but it’s bloody slow and it constantly will say “(null) please try again later” or something similar because sometimes you just get disconnected. They replied to my first email saying it’s fixed, but trust me – it’s not!

My follow-up emails have been all ignored! They probably laugh and simply click on “delete”.

So I moved to Meebo for iPhone which is faster but seems to be cropped feature wise!

I have sent in a few questions to their customer support, let’s see what they are going to reply!

What took me a lot of time was getting email to work. I have written a detailed manual regarding how to get Opera Mail and iPhone Mail syncronized.

I have however got it to work and Wrote a manual here.

More news and more of my thoughts will be posted on my blog. For this I will introduce the new category named “iPhone”!

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