Joost lost broadcasting permissions

I recently had to learn that Joost lost the broadcasting rights! Literally all the music videos I liked are deleted now! They still can be found in the video search but by clicking on any of them I get 404 errors.

Here is the reply I got from Joost:

“Hi Joerg,
Thanks for your email.

Unfortunately, we no longer have the rights to distribute the Peter Fox video, which is why you’re receiving this error.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


But this is not only valid for Peter Fox videos but also for all my other fave music videos. If the situation gets worse this could mean Joost is in big trouble then.

It’s sad to see how Joost develops recently.

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Ipevo S0-20 firmware update fixes echo problem!

As there have been complaints about echos on calls with the S0-20 (which I personally never experienced), Ipevo partner Fei Fei Peng announced today on Facebook’s Ipevo’s group the following:

“Subject: S0-20 firmware upgrade notice 20090717

“Hi, Dear all: For a better sound quality on the Skype wifiphone S0-20, please go to our site for the latest firmware upgrade. If you haven’t got one yet, get asap! our stock is back!“”

From the release notes:

“Purpose of upgrade:

This firmware upgrade is intended for customers who are encountering echo noise in their environment. This firmware upgrade reduces the amount of echo noise which might affect call quality in some cases. If you do not have echo noise problem, then you do not need to perform this upgrade.

What you need:


-A Windows XP or Vista PC(32bit)[…]”

I appreciate the improved product support now and keeping their words, what I am still sad about is the non-support of 64bit! Since many pcs come with windows vista x64 now many people will not be able to upgrade their phones please fix that!!

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