Nabaztag can RFID now!

Violet announced this since the beginning and a lot of Nabaztag users and fans were waiting for it, the “smell” feature of the Nabaztag rabbit is here: It’s working with RFID ships and it’s called “Mir:or”: more info regarding this can be found at the mir:or product page. But it allows tons of actions! As […]

Dramatic changes at Technorati

Technorati has gone through dramatic changes now! Style and stuff wise! First of all they have fired 6 staff members. Accordingly they also removed the staff site and replaced it by links to their private blogs. So we can assume everybody who is not listed there is no longer with the company! Quoting from their […]

Opera 10.0 Alpha is out!

Opera 10.0 Alpha is out! is out and can be downloaded here. I can promise you, this is one of the most stunning Opera releases ever because it features a lot of stuff the usership asked for for years! The best improvements so far: *Auto-update*Inline spelling checker*Opera Mail improvements, including rich text composition and delete […]

Force Skype HQ/HD Video for Windows

Use at your own risk, I haven’t tested it by myself!!! I found the following in my email inbox the other day: “I’ve just written a simple software to enable/force/configure/hack Skype to send high quality video even if you didn’t bought an expensive logitech webcam.You may also send higher resolution than Skype’s HQ !!! Here […]