ICQ 7.4 released. A new 7 version with some small changes

Thew new ICQ version, ICQ 7.4 was released recently. A new 7 version with some small changes.

All new featues can be read here, which are as follows:

-Messaging History Tool

Means you get the history displayed in a window like a database.

-New Message Window

Also the way the buttons are aligned and placed in the message window is different.

-Email Notifications

The new email notifications also allow notification of new emails in a Mail.ru account now, next to Yahoo and Gmail, of course.

-Visibility Lists

Now you can select the exact status of you while being invisible.

-Advanced Search

Now even the possibility to search friends of friends is there and you can now see the profile photos of people you are searching.

-Take a Picture

Now you can take a photo of yourself in the webcam and use it as your profile picture.

So this time they didn’t do a whole lot changes and new features in the new version but it’s nice to see they introduced and changed a few things for better usability 🙂

It can be downloaded from the ICQ Download Page.

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