Why the silence?

Hi everybody, this is a message to everybody who asked me why I am on and off and wrote me “where are you?” messages on Skype/ICQ. Why is my blog no longer updated and why my forum got not spam cleaned and re-opened, etc and skype calls sound like shit if it works Reason is: […]

Back from Bulgaria

Sorry for the long silence! I am just back from Bulgaria visiting a very good friend of mine. 🙂 once finished I you will see my pics from the trip at My Flickr Photostream and at 43Places. Technorati Tags: Bulgaria, Nafcom—-Wanna discuss this post? Then do it in

ICQ releases ICQ 6.5 Beta!

The ICQ Team just released ICQ 6.5 now. New thing is Open Xtraz means people can create their own xtraz for ICQ!## A thing that was promised since years but it never came! ICQ 6.5 Beta looks exactly like ICQ 6 so no need to provide new screenshots Also the functionality of downloading them doesn’t […]