Is the ICQ Focus Group dead?

Is the ICQ Focus Group dead? They are several reasons to ask this since some worrying development took place: -Ori got removed as operator-Udo (Ehud Khenan) renamed his account into “The ICQ Team” and the age to “126”.-Udo’s last post was on September, 26th, 2005 announcing ICQ Fight!-The ICQ Focus Group is dominated by spam […]

Skype AMD patch available!

Skype AMD patch available! Yes, Skype has a deal with Intel to limit the conferencing function on AMD processors, the thing is: Currently, Skype 2.0 offers 10-way conference calls only on Intel dual-core CPUs, Luckily, there is meanwhile a patch available and all details of how it got patched at this address! So download and […]

New ICQ 5 skins!

Now, there are some nice user created ICQ 5 skins available here (i.e. it’s the source from where I found this info from, but it links to the homepage from where you can preview & download the ICQ 5 skins! 🙂 ). Some look very good! 🙂 😎 Well Done! Hope more to come! 🙂 […]

Funny Videos on Google Video

Since Google Video works now over here, let me proudly present you my fave videos hosted there! The first I found on the my lif3.. blog, and is a song about our important fellows; system adminstrators and the other one is from Microsoft showing how they would have promoted iPod, here. (Read the article here […]