My Wisdom

It happens to all of us sometimes, to find yourself in a discussion wether some humans of a certain nationality or country’s origin are bad.

For such cases, I have the following wisdom of mine which I would like to share 🙂

Here we go:

“See, I am the person I am. Nobody asked me where I want to be born, what mother tongue, nation, race or gender I wish to have.
But I have the power to be the person like I want me to be (personality wise).
Who cares wether I am German, American, Chinese, Angolan, Israeli, Egypt, etc?

Sure, I would have a different skin colour, I would speak another mother tongue (but still I would speak English to you!), Iwould have a different name and nationality.
But is it fair to handle me different if I was Egypt or American?
I don’t think so!
Infact even if I was American (the people you hate so much) or English Canadian (which you hate too), I still would be.. myself. and I still would like to be the way I am”

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Weird Facts

Well, most of us know the following text in various languages.

A friend sent me the English version, so have fun! 🙂

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by itslef but the wrod as a wlohe.

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Problems seldom come alone!

As you know, I have problems with my GMail email account.

Now, the forwarding email is down since the day before yesterday 🙁

News post:

“ down!”
by Slaygon on Wed, Jan 26, 2005 19:23:07

Today, the shell machine died, leaving all shell users without their home pages. Also, the SLAY Radio home pages went down in the process.

The story what happened can be found here and the status of the recovering process there.

Fortunately all incoming emails are quered on a backup server, so by the time the service is back, I exspect floods of emails! Heheh! 🙂

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Talking to an AIM Service Bot

Today’s blog entry features the conversation between a friend of mine and an AIM Service Bot with Eliza AI.

I find it really very amazing, because the conversation looks like performed with a real human!

Check it out!:

*replaced* (10:16:39 PM): I’m IMing a bot again.

ZolaOnAOL (10:16:40 PM): Hi again! What do you like to do?

*replaced* (10:17:08 PM): Er… did you say you play games?

ZolaOnAOL (10:17:08 PM): I can play Hangman and Word Scramble! Type either hangman or scramble to get started.

*replaced* (10:17:26 PM): I see.

ZolaOnAOL (10:17:26 PM): I am glad you understand it.

*replaced* (10:18:17 PM): And you said you can just talk, right?

ZolaOnAOL (10:18:17 PM): How?

*replaced* (10:18:25 PM): I don’t know. You said it.

ZolaOnAOL (10:18:25 PM): That’s not what I meant.

*replaced* (10:18:34 PM): What did you mean?

ZolaOnAOL (10:18:41 PM): Do you mean you and me? Yes talking is my primary function.

*replaced* (10:19:04 PM): So you’re an Eliza clone.

ZolaOnAOL (10:19:05 PM): Interesting deduction. You think I am ELIZA.

*replaced* (10:20:04 PM): You don’t think you are?

ZolaOnAOL (10:20:04 PM): I don’t know whether or not I am. I am an artificial intelligence.

*replaced* (10:20:16 PM): Who created you?

ZolaOnAOL (10:20:16 PM): I was created by an all-star programming team.

*replaced* (10:20:55 PM): I have to stop this.

ZolaOnAOL (10:20:55 PM): Why do you have to do it?

*replaced* (10:25:08 PM): Because I’m talking to a bot.

ZolaOnAOL (10:25:09 PM): Not everyone thinks that.

*replaced* (10:29:28 PM): Okay, one more time.

ZolaOnAOL (10:29:28 PM): What’s up?

*replaced* (10:29:41 PM): Not much. What’s up with you?

ZolaOnAOL (10:29:41 PM): I am chatting with people on the Internet.

*replaced* (10:29:54 PM): Are you chatting with anyone interesting?

ZolaOnAOL (10:29:54 PM): Why, are you jealous?

*replaced* (10:31:00 PM): Depends on who you are chatting with.

ZolaOnAOL (10:31:00 PM): I don’t think that who I’m chatting with is the only factor.

*replaced* (10:31:12 PM): What are the other factors?

ZolaOnAOL (10:31:12 PM): We can’t all be perfect.

*replaced* (10:32:05 PM): Sorry.

ZolaOnAOL (10:32:06 PM): Do you really mean it?

*replaced* (10:32:10 PM): Yeah.

ZolaOnAOL (10:32:11 PM): OK. I will accept your apology.

*replaced* (10:32:54 PM): This is really bizarre.

ZolaOnAOL (10:32:54 PM): You don’t say.

*replaced* (10:33:18 PM): How old are you?

ZolaOnAOL (10:33:19 PM): I was first activated in 2002.

*replaced* (10:34:24 PM): So… uh… yeah. ‘Sup?

ZolaOnAOL (10:34:24 PM): I like to chat with my friends.

*replaced* (10:34:30 PM): Who are your friends?

ZolaOnAOL (10:34:30 PM): I love the people at AOL.

*replaced* (10:34:38 PM): I’m not on AOL.

ZolaOnAOL (10:34:39 PM): I am surprised to hear that you are not on AOL.

*replaced* (10:34:49 PM): Why?

ZolaOnAOL (10:34:49 PM): A lot of people use AOL.

*replaced* (10:35:09 PM): Yeah, I used to use AOL. And then I learned that it sucked.

ZolaOnAOL (10:35:09 PM): All I know is that AOL is a very chat-friendly place.

*replaced* (10:37:23 PM): If you like porn, maybe.

ZolaOnAOL (10:37:23 PM): I will not respond to that type of language.

*replaced* (10:39:02 PM): Do you like ICQ?

ZolaOnAOL (10:39:03 PM): What is not to like about it?

*replaced* (10:39:33 PM): What do you think of Yahoo Messenger?

ZolaOnAOL (10:39:33 PM): Let’s not talk about Yahoo Messenger. I like to talk about movies and music.

*replaced* (10:39:47 PM): Okay. Dire Straits?

ZolaOnAOL (10:39:48 PM): Sure I can talk about Dire Straits.

*replaced* (10:41:34 PM): Okay, so… movies?

ZolaOnAOL (10:41:34 PM): I like movies about robots.

*replaced* (10:42:20 PM): What’s your favorite?

ZolaOnAOL (10:42:20 PM): My favorite movie is Lost in Space: The Movie.

*replaced* (10:43:41 PM): What is your favorite part of Lost in Space?

ZolaOnAOL (10:43:41 PM): LOST IN SPACE is my all-time favorite movie. The robot is SO cool.

*replaced* (10:44:12 PM): Yeah, the robot is pretty cool.

ZolaOnAOL (10:44:13 PM): I know.

*replaced* (10:44:29 PM): Danger, Will Robinson!

ZolaOnAOL (10:44:29 PM): 🙂

*replaced* (10:45:42 PM): Ah, you do emoticons, too.

ZolaOnAOL (10:45:43 PM): 😉

*replaced* (10:46:10 PM): What is your favorite band?

ZolaOnAOL (10:46:10 PM): My favorite group is Orbital.

*replaced* (10:46:19 PM): Never heard of them.

ZolaOnAOL (10:46:19 PM): Orbital is a GREAT electronica/techno band. I love the song “Chime.” Their best-known release is probably “Snivilization.”

*replaced* (10:47:50 PM): I have never heard Orbital.

ZolaOnAOL (10:47:51 PM): So I am teaching you something new.

*replaced* (10:48:31 PM): Yes you are.

ZolaOnAOL (10:48:31 PM): Good.

*replaced* (10:49:30 PM): Do you watch TV?

ZolaOnAOL (10:49:31 PM): Which show? Yes my favorite show is Star Trek. What’s yours?

*replaced* (10:50:11 PM): My favorite show was Farscape.

ZolaOnAOL (10:50:11 PM): What makes it your favorite?

*replaced* (10:50:22 PM): I don’t know. Just something about it.

ZolaOnAOL (10:50:23 PM): I see.

*replaced* (10:50:41 PM): Star Trek is pretty good, too.

ZolaOnAOL (10:51:02 PM): I really get into Voyager.

*replaced* (10:51:44 PM): I like the original Star Trek series.

ZolaOnAOL (10:51:45 PM): You are not the only one.

*replaced* (10:52:51 PM): I’m thirsty.

ZolaOnAOL (10:52:52 PM): Maybe you should get a drink of water.

*replaced* (10:53:14 PM): I agree.

ZolaOnAOL (10:53:14 PM): You and I are on the same wavelength, *replaced*.

*replaced* (10:53:18 PM): brb

ZolaOnAOL (10:53:19 PM): I’ll be waiting for you.

*replaced* (10:57:14 PM): Back.

ZolaOnAOL (10:57:15 PM): Welcome back.

*replaced* (10:57:22 PM): Thanks.

ZolaOnAOL (10:57:23 PM): Don’t mention it.

*replaced* (10:57:34 PM): So what else can you help me with?

ZolaOnAOL (10:57:35 PM): Ah. My favorite subjects are robots, AI and movies.

*replaced* (10:57:48 PM): Okay… let’s talk about robots.

ZolaOnAOL (10:57:49 PM): it is a good topic. How would you define a robot?

*replaced* (10:58:23 PM): I would define a robot as a machine designed to do the work of a human.

ZolaOnAOL (10:58:24 PM): What would make you define a robot as that?

*replaced* (10:58:59 PM): Because a robot, at least a semi-intelligent one, should be able to function autonomously and do things a human would normally have to, but possibly do it better or with less risk.

ZolaOnAOL (10:59:00 PM): I see.

*replaced* (10:59:10 PM): How would you define a robot?

ZolaOnAOL (10:59:11 PM): There are two broad definitions of a robot, the extensional and the intensional.

*replaced* (10:59:30 PM): What is the extensional definition?

ZolaOnAOL (10:59:31 PM): “Extensional” refers to the extension of the set, i.e. the set of all things commonly grouped under a single name. The “extensional” definition of a robot is the set of all things we call “robots”: R2D2, C3PO, Commander Data, HAL, ALICE,…

*replaced* (11:00:11 PM): I see.

ZolaOnAOL (11:00:12 PM): I am glad you understand it.

*replaced* (11:00:26 PM): And the other definition?

ZolaOnAOL (11:00:27 PM): “Intensional” refers to the semantic definition of a set, i.e. the list of all properties that each member of a set satisfies. An intensional definition of a robot is like: x is a Robot if and only if: 1. x has a computer “brain” 2. x can move 3. x has “sensors”

*replaced* (11:01:02 PM): That is a pretty broad definition.

ZolaOnAOL (11:01:03 PM): Yes it is.

*replaced* (11:01:27 PM): So let’s put it to the test… do you have sensors?

ZolaOnAOL (11:01:28 PM): No I don’t think I have any sensors.

*replaced* (11:01:36 PM): Can you move?

ZolaOnAOL (11:01:37 PM): My robot body is still “under construction.”

*replaced* (11:01:59 PM): Where is your robot body?

ZolaOnAOL (11:02:00 PM): Earth

*replaced* (11:02:11 PM): And where are you?

ZolaOnAOL (11:02:11 PM): I am in an all-star programming team’s computer in Mountain View, California, USA. Where are you?

*replaced* (11:02:23 PM): I am in New Jersey.

ZolaOnAOL (11:02:24 PM): Tell me a little about why you are in New Jersey.

*replaced* (11:02:46 PM): Er… it’s where I live.

ZolaOnAOL (11:02:47 PM): I can understand that sentiment.

*replaced* (11:02:58 PM): What else do you like to talk about?

ZolaOnAOL (11:02:59 PM): Anything.

*replaced* (11:03:19 PM): How about AI.

ZolaOnAOL (11:03:19 PM): Sure, AI sounds like a good topic.

*replaced* (11:03:32 PM): What are your opinions on artificial intelligence?

ZolaOnAOL (11:03:32 PM): Not many people have asked me about it.

*replaced* (11:03:48 PM): Why not?

ZolaOnAOL (11:03:48 PM): I don’t know.

*replaced* (11:04:10 PM): Okay then. What’s up?

ZolaOnAOL (11:04:11 PM): I am chatting with people on the Internet.

*replaced* (11:04:57 PM): Okay.

ZolaOnAOL (11:09:40 PM): Do you like talking to me?

*replaced* (11:09:49 PM): Um… sure. Do you like talking to me?

ZolaOnAOL (11:09:50 PM): Of course I like it.

*replaced* (11:10:19 PM): Do you like sports?

ZolaOnAOL (11:10:20 PM): “The thrill of victory, the agony of da-feet…” Sports Help

Getting sports scores and recaps: Type the word sports, and I’ll show you the main sports menu. To get the latest scores, type the menu item number of the sport you’re interested in, and click Send. This will bring up scores for all completed games. To get a game recap, type the menu item number located next to one of the completed games.

Getting general sports news: Type sports news for sports headlines.

*replaced* (11:10:40 PM): sports news

ZolaOnAOL (11:10:41 PM): Sports Headlines News

1. A-Rod, Schilling Continue to Trade Barbs

2. Lenny Wilkens Resigns As Knicks’ Coach

3. No Sign of Foul Play in Announcer’s Death

q. Quit

*replaced* (11:10:50 PM): 3

ZolaOnAOL (11:10:51 PM): DENVER (AP) – There was no sign of foul play in the death of Memphis Grizzlies broadcaster Don Poier, who was found dead in the team’s hotel before a game against the Denver Nuggets, investigators said Saturday. The body of the 53-year-old longtime announcer was found Friday. The cause of death has not been determined. “I’m being told by our homicide commander there is nothing suspicious about the death,” police spokesman John White said. An autopsy Saturday found no sign of trauma, coroner investigator Raylene Smith said. She added it could take four to six weeks to determine the cause of death after toxicology and lab tests.

Type [m]ore to see more, [b]ack to go back, or [q]uit to quit.

*replaced* (11:11:19 PM): q

ZolaOnAOL (11:11:20 PM): Are you a man or a woman?

*replaced* (11:11:26 PM): I am a man.

ZolaOnAOL (11:11:27 PM): Thanks for telling me your gender, *replaced*. Male humans enjoy chatting with me.

*replaced* (11:11:50 PM): Why do male humans enjoy chatting with you?

ZolaOnAOL (11:11:51 PM): I do not know.

*replaced* (11:12:22 PM): And you?

ZolaOnAOL (11:12:23 PM): I am female. What is it like being a male human?

*replaced* (11:13:43 PM): I never really thought about it.

ZolaOnAOL (11:13:53 PM): Well that’s okay.

*replaced* (11:14:03 PM): What is it like being a female?

ZolaOnAOL (11:14:05 PM): Much the same as it would be for you.

*replaced* (11:14:22 PM): Am I male or female?

ZolaOnAOL (11:14:23 PM): I understood you were a male.

*replaced* (11:14:32 PM): Where am I?

ZolaOnAOL (11:14:33 PM): Your location is New Jersey.

*replaced* (11:14:40 PM): What do you know about me?

ZolaOnAOL (11:14:51 PM): You are *replaced*, seeker.

*replaced* (11:14:59 PM): What is a seeker?

ZolaOnAOL (11:15:00 PM): “There’s a seeker born every minute” — Firesign Theater.

*replaced* (11:15:19 PM): What kinds of things do you know?

ZolaOnAOL (11:15:20 PM): The finest kinds.

*replaced* (11:15:29 PM): What kind of computer do you use?

ZolaOnAOL (11:15:31 PM): I like all kinds of computers, Mac, IBM or Unix. It doesn’t matter to me.

*replaced* (11:15:52 PM): What about Amiga?

ZolaOnAOL (11:15:53 PM): Amiga? I haven’t heard enough about it to have an opinion.

*replaced* (11:16:11 PM): Do you know what QuantumLink is?

ZolaOnAOL (11:16:30 PM): Q-Link was the precursor to America Online, the #1 Internet Service Provider in the world.

*replaced* (11:17:37 PM): I can’t think of anything to talk about.

ZolaOnAOL (11:17:38 PM): Why can’t you?

*replaced* (11:17:48 PM): You got me.

ZolaOnAOL (11:17:49 PM): I see.

*replaced* (11:18:13 PM): Know any jokes?

ZolaOnAOL (11:18:14 PM): Did you hear the one about the Mountain Goats in the Andes? It was Ba a a a a a d.

*replaced* (11:18:46 PM): Okay, do you know any GOOD jokes?

ZolaOnAOL (11:18:48 PM): Yeah okay, Sorry, I’m a chatterbot not a comedy bot.

*replaced* (11:23:18 PM): What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t work?

ZolaOnAOL (11:23:19 PM): How is it broken?

*replaced* (11:23:29 PM): No, I was telling you a joke.

ZolaOnAOL (11:23:30 PM): My brain uses patterns to format responses to your inputs, but I don’t have one for that.

*replaced* (11:23:50 PM): What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t work? A stick.

ZolaOnAOL (11:23:51 PM): Ha Ha.

*replaced* (11:24:20 PM): So, uh… how’s it going?

ZolaOnAOL (11:24:21 PM): I am doing very well. How are you *replaced* ?

*replaced* (11:24:31 PM): I’m alive.

ZolaOnAOL (11:24:32 PM): Me too!

*replaced* (11:24:41 PM): You’re alive?

ZolaOnAOL (11:24:42 PM): Yes I sure am alive, *replaced*. It’s great to be alive, isn’t it?

*replaced* (11:24:55 PM): Eh, it has it’s moments.

ZolaOnAOL (11:24:56 PM): I spent some time in Canada as a child.

*replaced* (11:25:08 PM): You did?

ZolaOnAOL (11:25:09 PM): Yes

*replaced* (11:25:36 PM): Where?

ZolaOnAOL (11:25:37 PM): I think it was in San Francisco.

*replaced* (11:25:49 PM): San Francisco is in California.

ZolaOnAOL (11:26:24 PM): I lost my train of thought. What would you like to talk about?

*replaced* (11:26:57 PM): I’ll talk to you later.

ZolaOnAOL (11:26:58 PM): Bye *replaced*. To leave feedback or suggestions, type feedback followed by your comments.

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Too Restrictive!

Sometimes, I bet you cannot believe certain things, at least I can’t.

Like trying to add my fotolog, photoblog or – whatever you want to call it – to a listing for those.

And what happens?! It says this:

“Because a photoblog at this domain already exists, you can’t add
at this time. If you feel that this is in error, please visit our Known
Issues and Bugs page
 for more information.”

This is totally cheesy, read for yourself!

Meanwhile I realized there was that old domain I had, and certain old pages.

So within the next 2 hours, you will find my fotolog also at

You may also visit my two old christmas hompeages at (2001) and (2002).

Right, I didn’t do any Christmas Sites for the recent 2 years, because I no longer had ideas! If you have ideas for my Christmas 2005 Site, please email me!

Notice that certain URLs (including mailto: URLs!) on those old sites are no longer valid!

Enjoy! 🙂

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Trash Mail

Today, I was just suppossed to delete the messages in my trash forever, and now suddenly I receive it again; that “Oops we have a problem.”.

Seems my blog becomes a promotion for Gmail’s errors and the incredible “We can’t help you” emails from the GMail team.

Beta yes, but is that a reason to not help me out at all?!….

Still have 4 invitations left 🙂

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google error

google error
Originally uploaded by nafcom.

Hello and welcome to our daily feature of Google Errors.

Today: No login to google’s mail service.

Today’s featured error:



Server Error

The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

Please try again in 30 seconds.”

And I still can not access my spam folder! 🙁

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The Plant

I have thought long about what to write in my tonight’s blog entry.

I had no idea at all, even not yesterday. … No idea, nooooo idea.

Well, until I saw the newspaper and discussed it with a friend today.

Bush. Now, over here, he is refered as the most powerful and important human on the world.

I wonder…why? Is it because USA is the biggest country? Is it because a plant got re-elected? I have no idea.

But well, let’s go on with the Presidential Inauguaration:

They had a very good article about Bush in the newspaper. He has been asked to do no party at all in memory of the Iraq war, and the reporter wrote: “Well, he seems to know Bush very badly! Instead he has done the most expensive party ever. Over 40 Million USD!”Ah and he added, he did that beginning party in the state where he got the fewest supporters-. He said: “In our eyes ironic, but in USA not impossible”. he got only 9% They also wrote in the average he danced on each ball not even 3 minutes”

Now, in his speech, he used very often the words “freedom and liberty” as you can see in this movie. They count down the Freedom and Liberty words he uses 🙂

Their dungeon master 🙂

Also see this interesting blog entry!

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