Using Linux again – on an Acer Aspire D250

So, I wanted to use Linux again and decided to give it a try. I first tried to install Mandriva 2010.0 on it but it would hang on booting after the installation was successfully completed. Looking around I found many people having the same problem but no solution as it’s a bug in this release. I found the hint of using 2009.1 instead and tried that and it worked.

Compared to all the other times I insstalled Linux before, this time I have got all the hardware working!

There however were some devices that didn’t work and needed a workaround. I also want to thank the Mandriva community for helping me out!

So here are the specs: link with the exception that over here it’s sold with Win 7 and twice as much HDD space.

So after that I purchases the following:

-Pearl FreeTec USB -Mini-Bluetooth adapter
-Apple Mighty Mouse Wireless
-Hauppauge Nova-T DVB-T USB 2 TV stick
-4G systems XSStick W14 for UMTS/HSDPA surfing

The first problem was that graphic chipset would not work right, it would always start at the wrong res and cause strange small disortions when opening a menu.

While the first issue was resolved by a system update of the RPM package manager, the other wasn’t, but no biggie!

Also the internal mic wouldn’t even be found by harddrake and serarching aorund nobody knew how to fix that issue. SO I got myself a SpeedLink Vigo USB Audio Card which offers standard jacks for a headset and it’s just costing a few bucks but is supported by Linux, MacOSX and Windows without driver installation.

This way also SKype works now 🙂

And looking around I found that the 4G systems XSStick W14 works for UMTS/HSDPA surfing in Linux.

Just the problem that it is also an USB stick with micro SD card slot so Mandriva would detect the memory but not the modem!

SO thanks to this manual I found that a tool called USB Switch will do it.. I had however to install and run a newer version if it
Then thanks to the Mandriva Community I found out that the script Sakis3g will solve all 3g dial in problems

Last but not least I also found that KDE4Bluetooth could detect the Freetec mini USB Bluetooth Adapter well and the mighty mouse would work with the scrooling and the right mouse buttons even though many report those have problems. Just the problem that sometimes you have to switch it 3 times on and off or so till it’s working

The last thing was getting a DVB-T TV USB2 Stick that would work in Linux and WIndows 7 of course. I borrowed the Hauppauge Nova-T USB2 which works fine in Linux if you start it in Windows beforehand. (There is a workaround for that – do a firmware update but I didn’t try that yet.

It only works in Kaffeine 0.8.xxxx versions by the way. The versions doesn’t let you open the channels!

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