Word Defination: RETRO

We all know it – since the end of 2004, the media and industry is surfing on the so called “Retro Wave”. Suddenly stuff from the 80’s got cool and hip and people enjoy spending time with nostalgia. Now, retro computer games. You see it a lot on TV all around the globe, on the […]

Internet Filters

We all know that certain countries filter the internet, now Google agreed on etablishing a new local search engine applying a filter. (As some of you probably know, www.google.com is filtered, www.amnestyinternational.com is filtered, www.blogspot.com is filtered. (so no way to visit my blog)!). Interestingly, the filtered internet does not disturb any of my contacts. […]

AntiVirยฎ PersonalEdition Classic

I switched! Yep, after years of using AntiVirยฎ PersonalEdition Classic, they finally released version 7 and it’s working horribly on many computers, especially WinXP as one can read in their forum. Unfortunately in many cases, your PC just freezes after installation, a couple of Windows restarts, or just every 30 minutes.Some people managed to fix […]

ICQ.com – New Karma login page!

Who of you did notice, that since the beginning of the year, ICQ’s Karma Login page changed? ๐Ÿ™‚ Months, after the (at this time new) Password Assistance System got announced, it’s now mentioned to assure that your Questions & Answers for your account are set! Technorati Tags: ICQ, Karma—-Wanna discuss this post? Then do it […]

A load of inquiry forms!

Maybe some of you know, that sometimes, letters get lost. So, it’s possible to fill an inquiry form for the lost sending. (Those forms are multilingual – in your national language and French). I have written to the Postal Service an email and said sarcastically they shall please send me “a load of inquiry forms […]