We print – They track

Did you know that the heros of the bureaucracy are able to track which printer was used to print a document? Yup I am not joking with, but sure shocking you to prove you that many printers print hiddden codes on the paper which indicate which printer was used to print that document. For more […]

We do it the nasty way!

Some day I was visiting a Commodore 64 related homepage (see: What is a Commodore 64?)), I clicked on an “empty banner” of the Commodore 64 Banner Exchange and got lead to the following homepage: and I had to laugh a lot and shake my head pretty much! I mean, this banner exchange is sure […]

MSI vs. Nvidia

Well, I have finally received a reply from Nvidia to the USB Legacy issue. So in total, it looks like this: MSI Taiwan” wrote: Please notice if customer have below problem. I ever heard a bug if customer didn’t set Keyboard/Mouse USB Legacy support to enable or disable at same time. System will need around […]

STOP PRESS: Motherboard Kills CPU!

When my motherboard died it also took the CPU with it! Infact, I have received an email from the mailtrader today, that the CPU is unfortunately damaged, too! They wrote that I will receive a replacement CPU soon, at least I have today received a parcel with a replacement motherboard 🙂 Technorati Tags: Motherboard, hardware […]

“Flag This Blog”

Blogger figures out more and more ways to protect its community of bloggers against spam and scary blogs. I have just read on Kaye’s Blog about Blogging the fact, that Blogger has since a while a new feature called “Flag This Blog. They write the following: “the “Flag?” button allows the blogging community to easily […]

Windows XP 64bit

Yup, I have bought Windows XP 64bit, yes I really bought it! And it’s interesting, it’s really quite faster, even while browsing using Internet Explorer (64bit version)! I have found here a statement about Windows XP 64bit I fully agree with: Omnipotent wrote: “I use Windows XP 64bit. I find it to be awesome. It […]