ViewSonic – A Neverending Story

this is a followup of my ViewSonic story ala “A poor customer tries to receive a reply”
Meanwhile ViewSonic Sweden and ViewSonic United Kindom replied to me!

Notice that ViewSonic Germany on phone and ViewSonic UK in email said, that none of my emails sent to ViewSonic Germany ever arrived!

Now, I have the prove that they have arrived! The technical support just needed a month to reply to them.

Here is copy of my reply email to ViewSonic Sweden and ViewSonic UK:

“Hello Shermaine & Sophie,

Since you both replied to my email asking me about the status about my inquery to ViewSonic Germany, here the update on the situation:

it appears to me that my emails sent to the support form on the homepage of ViewSonic Germany ( – it causes a 404 error at the moment, by the way), finally got replied after 4 (!) weeks, since I have just received an email reply from a Mr. Kai Kugler, ViewSonic Warranty Line.

The sender address was and leads me to “Xtrasource B.V. Login – Consumer Contact Solutions”!
(Which seems to be the system you use to reply to technical form emails?).

Replying to it causes a:

“… User unknown”

So the “not arrived” technical form emails from me arrived as it seems. ViewSonic Germany just needs a month to reply to them!
You really should improve the way you handle technical support emails.

By the way: My “support ticket” even got a reference number now!


Joerg Droege”

Wow! I am fascinated! 🙂

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