Pain, more pain, ViewSonic!

*Sigh*. Meanwhile it’s getting boring!Once more I have to report about the lameness of German customer support of a company. Today in the spotlight: ViewSonic – “We do worse!”. Infact, I have been waiting since over 3 weeks for a reply from ViewSonic Germany/USA, and I have sent 5 emails to ViewSonic Germany with no […]

ICQ Fight is here!

After AIM Fight (which works with some ICQ accounts (UIN = screenname), there is now ICQ Fight! πŸ˜€ Let us quote them a bit: So what is ICQ Fight all about? ItΒ΄s a fun way to answer the question that has been bothering since 1st grade – we all know you’re popular, but is there […]

DHL and my headset

My new Logitech USB headset arrived and I am happy. But the question here is _how_ it arrived! Some time ago, DHL took over our national parcel service. And on a Saturday, I was in the bathroom doing big buissnes when the doorbell rang and of course I could not answer. Later I found an […]

Orkut & GMail!

Is that what Orkut did in their recent downtimes?They just made Orkut allowing GMail accounts! Now the network of trusted friends also allow any gmail Billy! =) Well, the big disadvantage, as you can see in the login window in the screenshot, they made it broken for Opera! Booooooooooo! Bad marks for me and another […]

Google Blog Search!

There is meanwhile something new out; Google Blog Search! It searches for all blogs, well, those of those who have RSS or ATOM newsfeeds. And only from June 2005 till now. The older entries will come later. It works as you can see here πŸ˜€ Technorati Tags: Google, blog—-Wanna discuss this post? Then do it […]