jaxtr sms – free international SMS released!

Just recently,  Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of Hotmail, the first free email service,  released a new SMS app for almost any mobile phone OS you can imagine: jaxtr sms.

There is controversal feedback about this service on the internet.  some say they see no reason why to use jatrx sms instead of one of the tons of other free SMS services out there!

I have tried it with many different destinations and I can tell so far: Because it just works! 
To fulfill Indian regulations a user may only send 200 free SMS per day max.
Other than that it offers your mobile phone number as caller ID and you can really send it to any network and country.

How do they cover their cosst? With ads at the end of each SMS and (soon to come) adds in the app for your mobile/smartphone.

I have tried out many other free SMS services, none of them were really reliable but jaxtr sms so far is!

SO, do not hesistate and try it out!

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