How to modify a PAL c64 breadbin into an NTSC one.

During a discussion with my friend AJ while recording the intro/news bit for our Scene World Podcast, the idea grew to try to modify one of my PAL C64s to run into NTSC rather than going the expensive and complex way of getting one shipped from USA.

It’s not that complex, here is what you need.

  1. Get a GSG8701-replacement clock generator IC. There are at the time of writing this two known options for me: The one from Jens Schoenfeld or eslapion, while the one from Jens has the advantage that you can get a version that has a jumper to switch the clock between NTSC & PAL.
  2. You need an NTSC VIC. Careful: Make sure that you use the model with the correct voltage or else you will fry your VIC IC!  Use Wikipedia as reference  mine is ASSY 250425  So I have got a MOS Technology 6567 – VIC II which is the NTSC version – Originally it had a 6569 inside (PAL).


I removed the jumper of the Jens Schoenfeld clock generator replacement IC to put it to the NTSC mode.

Here you can see, it works! This plays Grand Prix Circuit in its NTSC version in the real speed and not 25% as it would be on an European machine!

Why I have reverted back from Thunderbird to Opera Mail

So after trying out I figured that after a few weeks my Thunderbird would be stuck after half an hour of usage: And after a bit of Googling I found out this is the common behaviour as if your mail db grows too big you are out of luck, so according to their FAQ even, they say to  fix Fix slowness, crashing, error messages and other problems  by either rebuilding the database (which only gives you a few minutes in which you can use the program again until it reaches the point where the too many of the emails are about to be re-indexed and then it freezes on you again.

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