Blogger – new feature: Word Verification has got a real useful new feature! – : Word Verification!

Since I receive now and then spam entries in my comments, I have decided to switch it on!

It displays a bitmap from which you have to read a word and enter this in a field! πŸ™‚

This is also in the interest of the readership, so no longer weird comments that keep displaying until I find and delete them!

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Election Day soon over here!

in September are Parliament’s lower house elections, and there is no party which isn’t crap and bad to elect. So I am seriously thinking about doing no elections this year. I am not sure, entirely not!

Oh by the way there has beeen an interesting post regaring politics, here πŸ™‚


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MSI USA replied! :)

I was writing earlier about the Slowness of MSI Germany.

I have meanwhile received a reply from MSI USA, and thought this might interest:

MSI USA Technical Support wrote:

“]”Dear Customer,
Here is what our TW office stated also including a bios
update that they sent Thanks”

MSI Taiwan Office wrote:

“I ever find some website about related info like below:

But I didn’t try it by myself.

I will check other engineer to see if they know how to use it.

Once I know it, I will tell you.

Basically we will always provide such function to support USB mouse for
most MB.

Attached file is MS-7135 BIOS v1.32 and it had implemented USB Mouse
Legacy support function.

Please pass it to your customer if they wish to use it.

Please notice if customer have below problem.

I ever heard a bug if customer didn’t set Keyboard/Mouse USB Legacy
support to enable or disable at same time.

System will need around 5 mins to enter OS.

When you set these two items to enable or disable at same time and it

It is Nvidia chipset limitation.

Therefore I will recommend that you should ask customer trying new BIOS
and inform them to set these two items as same setting to avoid similar

Any future request, please inform us.


Who wants this file can email me and I will send it!

I have opened a thread about it in my forum, here! πŸ™‚

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Blogger for Word out!

Yep, there is a new add-on for Word! <a href= target=”_blank”>Blogger for Word</a>! It allows you to write your blogger posts directly out of Word, without the need of opening a web browser and logging into!

Unfortunately yet images are not supported but it’s still a quite fresh release anyway (So let’s hope they improve that soon! ( ).

That’s all. I have posted this blog entry also from Word πŸ˜‰

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Eh, as you can see it obviously doesn’t like HTML! πŸ˜€ (Yes I was too lazy to use Word’s HTML! A crime! πŸ˜›

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Email Costumer Supports

You know that? you have a question, you have a problem. You get the idea to ask the costumer support of a company.
This seems to work lately pretty nicely. I mean I email my mobile phone provider, I get a quick reply. I email ATI, works too, coca cola works other works too, but what is up with MSI Germany? They need suddenly (I have MSI boards since year 2000, never had a problem with the support) need a month (!) to reply to inquiries! That’s why I decided to translate my last email into English, add some stuff to it and send it to MSI Taiwan, USA, Australia and so let’s see wether anybody replies πŸ™‚

(by the way: Coca Cola needed only 19 minutes for a reply to my email! =) 😎 ).

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IrCQ got a new page!

IrCQ got a new page which indicates now the amount of people speaking in the major chatrooms!

(After the new ICQ index page the IrCQ page is the second page following its new page design! πŸ™‚

I like it and when I have tried IrCQ myself, I was amazed because it’s cleaner than Yahoo chat or other chats I have tried.

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