Pretty Geeky Project: Watch DVD with your friend over Skype

Wanna have some nice DVD evening with a friend, but (s)he is too far away from you to pop by?

Then this “preety geeky project” is your thing! Impress your friends, scare your family.

So here is what I used:

A Terratec Grabster AV 350. (Having problem getting it to work in Windows Vista or Windows 7? email me I will help 🙂 ). The video grabber is connected to your DVD player, PS2, XBOX or any other DVD playing device.
(Note, it won’t work with blu-ray due to the HDCP contect protection!).

One of the best grabbers out there I think! 🙂

Another thing I used is a cheap USB soundcard because I needed some microphone connector as my PC’s internal soundcard’s micrphone output is already used by something else, also this allows you easy access in case you want to change something.

The sound source is also important. As everything is connected to my Logitech 5.1 sound system I have choosen this as my source. But you may also use your TV’s headphone connector or a separated audio cable coming from your DVD player, etc.

Just as you please.

Other things needed:

2 computers for you and the watcher. Why? Because otherwise you cannot hear each other while you watch the movie together!

So what you do:

1) In Skype, instead of your webcam, choose the grabster video grabber for your webcam picture.
And select the micrphone jack of your PC/USB soundcard as micrphone so your friend can hear the sound of the movie!

Etablish a video call with your friend. Your friend can put the webcam pic on full screen.

2) Launch Skype with your account on a 2nd PC. Ask your friend to create a new skype account and run it on another computer just for being able to skype with him during your watching session.

Since Skype is not server based but peer-to-peer you can call as many people at the same kind from your account as you like, but since you cannot call your friend a 2nd time since you are already in a call, your friend needs a second account you can call instead!

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