Get your newly purchased Sony Smartwatch 3 to work with your iPhone

If you are like me, and looked for a replacement for the Pebble but don’t want to waste your money on a too expensive smartwatch, the Sony Smartwatch 3 comes at a price of about 100 € and will be updated to AndroidWear 2.0 later this year. But until then we have a problem, the AndroidWear app on iOS cannot find the smartwatch 3 . And firmware updating via Bluetooth fails and results in the smartwatch 3 rebooting and re-trying endlessly. Unfortunately Sony simply told me “it’s not possible” despite the web said it is. So here is how it is done and how I did it myself 🙂

Here is the feedback I sent to sony including the solution I worked out myself as theirs failed. Hope this helps you! “Since Pebble unfortunately closed, I was looking for a cheap replacement for my Pebble Time. I came up with Sony Smartwatch 3. Prior to my purchase, I did a research on the Internet whether this Smartwatch with Android Wear will work on the iPhone. My search in the Google revealed entries in the Sony forum of users the said since June 2016, the Sony Smartwatch 3 is supported in Android Wear 3 for iOS. Unfortunately, the Android Wear app and the Sony Smartwatch 3 could not find each other. I thought to myself, I try the support, because you know surely what is more than if I have to “Google” to find a solution. Well, the lady unfortunately did not know there is Android Wear for iOS at all. Est told her she researched times and calls me back Monday, but then decided differently and has “held with a colleague consultation”. The answer was: “No is not going” When I then posed, if perhaps not simply the software on the Smartwatch is too old and whether one could not update via the PC, I received the answer: “No, via USB via the PC does not update”. And again wrong. See in your own forum: Https:// “You have to download and install Sony PC companion in your PC. Then try to run a software update for your watch. In the Sony PC Companion try the following: Support Zone (click on start)> Software update (click on start)> the software prepares the update> select SmartWatch 3 from the list (click next)> here comes the tricky part: 1. Turn off the smartwatch3 2. (Take it off the wristband for easy access) 3. Connect the USB to the computer (do not connect the micro USB to the smartwatch3 yet) 4. Hold the power button until you get an image of someone connecting the USB to the watch. When this image is connected to the USB to the watch. (When I did it, it was different. 5. After you do step 4 above your computer will recognize your smartwatch and starts the software update. ” Thanks to the “PC Companion” for Windows, I was able to update the Smartwatch and successfully pair with Android Wear on the iPhone and can now use it wonderfully 🙂 Thank God, I am powerful to English and have not simply the statement “in the forum can stand a lot” so. From a purely logical point of view I was not clear why it should work with many other users and only with me not.”

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