From Zero To Hero!

Yo guys and girlies.Now that my PC works perfectly (read all about the disaster here, I have had the problem: “How to find out wether all patchesm, updates, hotfixes are installed?For this my old beloved freeware tool BigFix is my personal HERO! It tells you what patch/fix/update/crap for your Windows is yet missing and offers […]

GMail Invitations Everywhere!

Gmail Invitations; here, there, and everywhere! The time when people had to look for months to get an invitation is over! Now GMail beta testers have more invitations left than people need! What will do Google with the unused invitation as soon as the beta is over?! And why sends GMail so much invitations out! […]

ICQ Support / Expert Board

In the Expert Chat, the ICQ Team promised to improve the ICQ Support with a knowledge base, with a ticketing system and with replying to technical problems (support questions) in the Expert Board. Finally, the ICQ Support Team really replied to questions, so none question was left unanswered! Good first step, ICQ Team! Hope you […]

My Birthday – The Summary

I wanted to give you a short summary f my Birthday. I have been receiving 23 emails! Also I received quite some very neat ecards, I would like to share with you, especially the singing frogs are sheer fun! and you can click and then you see them on backstage, great! huahauhauhauahuah! 😀 I also […]

Blog News

Well, some people asked from where I got that background of my blog, it’s done by my friend Martina.Also a needed thanks goes to Donyell for fixing some displaying errors in Gecko browsers in my template! 🙂 I have also updated the “Udo’s ICQ Focus Group Posts” list. Technorati Tags: blog

ICQ Expert Chat Log

Well, since the Chat Log of the Expert Chat is available now, and ICQ Team stated that the missing Xtraz games in ICQ 5 won’t return, somebody immideately started a movement to rescue Sumo Volleball . The other missing game links, can be found here. Technorati Tags: ICQ