SAT 1 German ICQ 5.1 client

Pro7 was first, SAT1 is next. What am I speaking about? A localized ICQ 5.1 (German) with branded Xtraz for the SAT 1 Community. So, what do they offer? (See screenshot above, too): –Sat.1 | ICQ Soccer Xtra: News about the latest happenings in the German Soccer League and the UEFA Champions League and the […]

Orkut Friend’s Map removed!

Orkut has removed its recently added Friend’s Map as you can see at above screenshot. I wonder why adding a feature for some and then remove it totally again? You can check it out yourself using this link. Technorati Tags: Orkut, Google Earth, map—-Wanna discuss this post? Then do it in my forum! 🙂—-No more […]

ICQ 5 Flood Blocking

It is known, that ICQ 5 has some flood/boot blocker so you cannot crash somebody’s ICQ 5/Windows by sending him tons of messages within a quarter of a second. However, of course I never saw that in action, YET! A simple question mark triggered the flood block 😀 Funny, isn’t it? =) Technorati Tags: ICQ, […]

Opera 9.02 out

Opera 9.02 is out! And I am not pretty happy. Why? Because I reported two bugs 2 days before its release (in the Release Candiate) and they seem to have decided to not fix it. One bug is that the volume control ability of my Logitech Premium 350 USB headset gets blocked by skype (bug […]

Headset for DualPhone

A copy & paste of my my Skype forum reply here: “Guys be careful, there is only ONE headset that is supported in the dualphone.I spoke to the Product Manager of RTX because they did not know themselves that most other headsets WON’T WORK because there is no standard for 2.5 mm chinch phone headsets […]

VoiceEmotions now in German

VoiceEmotion, a program about which I have reported earlier, is now available also in a German translation because I have been asked by them whether I would be interested. 🙂 A job that took about 5 hours, including translating the whole GUI and all error message strings and tracking down and fixing spelling and “not-so-short” […]