A ComPad screenshot slideshow

I have probably reported about the new ICQ ComPad Alpha Client. Finally, I got my own account and so I decided to make a slideshow of some screenshots. This slideshow can be found here! Please enjoy! 🙂 Please notice that it’s only an alpha client yet and has no voice, or other extra features. Technorati […]

Opera now releasing weakly updates!

Opera intoduced a new thing today, an Oppera Desktop Team Blog announcing the weekly improvements and offering weakly builds. They won’t replace Technical Previews or Betas, and in contrast they won’t be tested for any bit. Please read the warnings at the Desktop Team Blog and on Tim’s blog: “The Weekly Builds are snapshots, they […]


As read on their English blog, the Skype status indicator called SkypeWeb is here! after 2 1/2 years, Skype finally got an own status indicator. As an example, look at mine here: Hehe! 🙂 Technorati Tags: Skype, SkypeWeb—-Wanna discuss this post? Then do it in my forum! 🙂

New ICQ Alpha Client Out

Thanks to GL in my forum for the news! 🙂 Finally, it happened, a New ICQ Alpha Client is out, but it isn’t called ICQ, it’s called ComPad and it’s only available for certain countries.I can confirm that for people from Israel and Germany, the download does not work, you get an error message.People from […]

Garbage collection not working

Verdi does a walkout, a walkout of the public service. Originally it’s not part of my blog postings, but it’s strange seeing the garbage collection not working, everywhere rubbish bags on the streets. It’s a special picture, and I am sure it will somehow start to smell soon :-/ Well this walkout started because of […]

From ZoneAlarm to McAfee Firewall! :)

Update: July, 28th, 2018: I was told Outpost is no more, so in case you wanna know what the current best firewalls are, here is a nice compassion: https://www.comparitech.com/antivirus/best-free-antivirus/ A new firewall! Yes! After having switched antivirusprg, I switched from ZoneAlarm to McAfee Firewall which I found for free on a PC magazine CD! 🙂 And […]