When software companies break things and ignore bug reports

Do you know this feelin? When software companies break things and ignore bug reports so it remains for weeks and months?

Well, it happened to me. Twice lately.

First was when suddenly Opera would print garbage on my Canon LBP5050n. I thought maybe when I moved to Win7 x64 to Win8 x64 it would be fixed – but I was wrong! 

It remains broken for me since over half a year now.

I know some suggest simply export and re-import all your mails and do a fresh installation of Opera instead of copy & paste.
BUT: export works , however re-import doesn’t work as the data amount of my emails is too much and the import function simply doesn’t see it as a valid file.

Another one is ICQ, their ICQ8 client is simply horrible and facebook support is broken for many users. Becuase the access granted window is either displayed wrng (windows 8) or the icq client doesn’t save the granted state.

later bug appeared since 2nd beta of icq 8 and was reported by me but ignored

In general ICQ, who is since a while owned by Mail.RU has a reputation problem because they ignore obvious valid reactions and opinions and release a pretty bug drained ICQ8 client  that is no more ICQ-like anyway.

Well, I use Skype now for my Facebook contacts! ­čÖé 

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