Spell with Flickr!

Flick mania today! The 3rd entry about Flickr! 🙂 I found something nice on the //beconfused blog here that is called “Spell with Flickt! It allows to spell words using images from Flickr! Here for example my pseudo: It’s great, isn’t it? 🙂 Technorati Tags: Flick, spell—-Wanna discuss this post? Then do it in my […]

Flickr Album

I found something really cool in this post from Pketh. It’s called Flickr Album and allows to create shiny photo albums with a great turn page effect like in real life of cour Flickr photostream! 🙂 Please check out My Flick Album! 🙂 Technorati Tags: Flickr, album—-Wanna discuss this post? Then do it in my […]

Flickr Badge added

Due to pure accident pure accident, I found a replacement for Flickr’s Zeitgeist, which I had to remove due to serious problems). The replacement is called Flickr Badge and it’s exactly the same 🙂 I think they just renamed it from “Zeitgeist” into “Badge” with the difference, that there is now a pure HTML version […]


Repedeately, I have blocked about German ICQ hoaxes, the ICQ Lies Collection and just today, I found in the Expert Board here another intesting website mentioned, the Hoaxbusters which seem to collect all hoaxes around. Enjoy! Technorati Tags: ICQ, Hoaxbusters—-Wanna discuss this post? Then do it in my forum! 🙂—-No more ICQ Support? Get active! […]

Opera 9 Beta 1 is out!

After a lot of weekly builds, there finally it is; Opera 9 Beta 1! The most noticeable changes are the widgeds being now accessable at the top at the title bar through a button, the IMAP client still being work in progress, a lower build number, and widgeds getting a seperated task in the taskbar […]

strong passwords

ICQ/ComPad has finally a site (only works in MSIE) that explains what normal and strong passwords are. This seems to be another step towards informing users after putting a warning on the ICQ site login window. It reads: A strong password is a password that is difficult for others to guess or for automatic programs […]

ICQ Spammers

Ever wondered what ICQ spammers see when their account got deleted because of spamming? According to a user report on the ICQ Expert Board, it’s “error code 0x08 — Deleted Account” as you can see above! =) Technorati Tags: ICQ, spammer—-Wanna discuss this post? Then do it in my forum! 🙂—-No more ICQ Support? Get […]