Ipevo releases Firmware update for SOLO Desktop phone!


As pointed out by Jeff/Ipevo in the comments they’ve released more updates.

According to the release notes the following bugs have been ironed out:

“(version 2042)

Purpose of upgrade:

This firmware upgrade contains the following modifications.

*Fixed Taiwan’s area codes.

This firmware upgrade also contains the following modification from the past upgrade (version 2018/ 2038/ 2041).

*Date and time setting screen will not appear at start up anymore.
*When calling a number in the US using SkypeOut, the US Area code will be added automatically.
*Handset volume is increased to minimize difficulties of hearing voice.
*Wireless network support (allows connecting with the S0-10 WiFi Network Adapter).
*SkypeIn calls are now displayed in call history.”

The firmware update itself can be downloaded from the same site.


Ipevo finally releases another firmware update for the SOLO (also known as “S010” or “S0-10”) Desktop phone!

Originally, Ipevo Support told me the SOLO phone will be discontinued by the end of 2008 and replaced by the S0-20 (see my review here). I was arguing to the leadership of customer support that this is bad since the SOLO and the S020 are two totally different types of phones! It cannot be replaced by another phone of different times.

The firmware update can be found on Ipevo’s Support page. (It’s down at the time of writing but according to them it will be up again soon!).

The firmware update is fixing the caller ID problem, i.e. Skype In calls are saved in history as “unknown” even if the caller ID is transmitted by the incoming caller.

It updates the firmware to software version
Date of software: September 15th, 2009

Thanks to Christoph Aeschlimann for being the first addressing the bug to me!

Thanks to Ipevo for re-considering their decisions and releasing a fix!

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My Blog – Code got finally cleaned

My blog code got finally cleaned thanks to my friend Christian Leuenberg who also runs the Wii Insider homepage.

Thanks Chris!

According to him he hunted down over 450 HTML errors (that were caused by a bug in combination of Blogger and Opera – all I got was ignorance by Google and a semi-rude email from Opera).

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Jan Geirnaert closes Skype Watch/Skype Gadgets blog forever!

As Jan Geirnaert wrote recently on Facebook, his blog will be closed forever as he put the domain on sale!

With this sale, one of the biggest and best blogs for Skype news and Skype hardware reviews will close down! 🙁

Thanks for the blog Jan, we will miss you!

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Skype discontinues Skype Extras

Skype discontinues Skype Extras. It’s very sad but’s true. It has been announced on the Skype Developer Zone Blog.

September is each year a month of sad Skype news. Who doesn’t remember September 2008 when they closed Skypecasts?

Anyway, let’s continue and quote them:

“, simply not enough people were using them to justify our continued support of the Extras programme. Unfortunately, effective today, we will shut down the Skype Extras programme.

So what does this mean?
We will no longer certify new Extras. However, all existing Extras will stay certified until their expiration dates and all unused test tickets will be reimbursed.
We will continue to distribute applications through the existing Extras Manager in Skype for Windows, but will no longer add new Extras.
All public API documents will continue to be maintained.
Skype will continue to support accessories via the Public API.
The Skype shop will continue to feature currently listed Extras.”

Another sad day for the Skype community.

I wonder what comes next!

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Lifetime ended: RTX puts a stop to the Cordless USB DualPhone

I wondered earlier why RTX updated the FAQs with untrue information, so I started an inquiry and here is the answer I received:

If you have Vista, MAC, UNIX or LINUX systems on your computer it is not sure that it will work, this product is an old product, which was produced before these things came on the marked.

You can only use Windows XP/2000/2003-server with the product.

This product is no longer being tested or produced, and therefore we cannot do the support on something we have not tested.

A few notes:

-Truly, it has not been certified to work with Skype 4.1 but it works (There has not changed too much things that would break the support of the DualPhone API interface)

They also should give credit to the previous product manager Carsten Helmuth because thanks to him the Dualphone Suite was fixed for working with Windows Vista (32 bit and 64 bit) as you can see the progress documented by the release notes log PDF.

So their statement that the DualPhone has never been tested under Windows Vista is wrong.

that means as soon as it doesn’t work in newer Skype versions and/or Windows 7 X64, I need a new Skype USB/DECT phone.

RTX puts an end to an awesome Skype phone product, the first DualPhone that was really awesome and professional but also affordable to the Skype freaks that wanted something sophisticated.

2004 is where it started, 2009 is maybe where it will end.

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