Ipevo releases Firmware update for SOLO Desktop phone!


As pointed out by Jeff/Ipevo in the comments they’ve released more updates.

According to the release notes the following bugs have been ironed out:

“(version 2042)

Purpose of upgrade:

This firmware upgrade contains the following modifications.

*Fixed Taiwan’s area codes.

This firmware upgrade also contains the following modification from the past upgrade (version 2018/ 2038/ 2041).

*Date and time setting screen will not appear at start up anymore.
*When calling a number in the US using SkypeOut, the US Area code will be added automatically.
*Handset volume is increased to minimize difficulties of hearing voice.
*Wireless network support (allows connecting with the S0-10 WiFi Network Adapter).
*SkypeIn calls are now displayed in call history.”

The firmware update itself can be downloaded from the same site.


Ipevo finally releases another firmware update for the SOLO (also known as “S010” or “S0-10”) Desktop phone!

Originally, Ipevo Support told me the SOLO phone will be discontinued by the end of 2008 and replaced by the S0-20 (see my review here). I was arguing to the leadership of customer support that this is bad since the SOLO and the S020 are two totally different types of phones! It cannot be replaced by another phone of different times.

The firmware update can be found on Ipevo’s Support page. (It’s down at the time of writing but according to them it will be up again soon!).

The firmware update is fixing the caller ID problem, i.e. Skype In calls are saved in history as “unknown” even if the caller ID is transmitted by the incoming caller.

It updates the firmware to software version
Date of software: September 15th, 2009

Thanks to Christoph Aeschlimann for being the first addressing the bug to me!

Thanks to Ipevo for re-considering their decisions and releasing a fix!

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