So Silly!

And again one of my friends told me about an amazing silly site. And the sad thing is: Those people are totally serious! STOP ALIEN ABDUCTIONSNo, it’s not only the homepage bad as it seems, no it’s also the idea. Protect yourself from mind controls from aliens by wearing foil helmes And the shocking thing! […]

GMail Invite Spooler down!

Bad news! The GMail Invite Spooler is unfortunately down 🙁 From their homepage: I have gotten the word from Gmail’s Product Manager that my service is no longer tolerable. At midnight PDT June 7th, 2005, this service was disabled. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all who contributed to this service. Your […]

ICQ 5 History Search is out!

UPDATE: There is a new version out which fixes the unicode problem. info and download link here Yet it doesn’t work for 2001-2003 for me yet 🙁but he is working on that now========== As many of you sure know, ICQ 5 does unfortunately not have a Message History search function 🙁 Now a clever user […]

ICQ 5 German Spam

There is a message going around in German ICQ 5 clients about “icq is no longer for free”. Of course this is not true and spam! I found a rather good translation of this post and a statement about this from an ICQ user, here which I would like to quote: “i get this nice […]

Nafcom vs. Udo

I have reported earlier about the rather new ICQ Help Center. Well, I have noticed that the article in the knowledge base called “How do I upgrade to a new version of ICQ?” saying this: “How do I upgrade to a new version of ICQ?Once you download and install ICQ, notices will appear that new […]

Harry Potter and his faces

I have read it a while ago in the newspaper, that Harry Potter archived to be in over 100 translations, fine.But they also showed a picture of the book covers, I tell you. The British guy suddenly got an Asian face, coloured face, etc.Like very much faces.And it boggles my mind, I mean… it’s officially […]