ICQ 5 German Spam

There is a message going around in German ICQ 5 clients about “icq is no longer for free”. Of course this is not true and spam! I found a rather good translation of this post and a statement about this from an ICQ user,
here which I would like to quote:

“i get this nice message:

It’s a pity that the ICQ-administration had to start a second chain letter, because the first one wasn’t taken seriously. Send this message to every person in your Contactlist back to me . We feel impelled to this, because there are very much inactive accounts, causing long loadingtimes. As a reward you will get a golden icq-flower. Proofs can be found under icq.com

In my opnion thats just another stupid chain letter with orgin: some stupid teens that wanna laugh up there sleeves, seeing there “friends” spread this crap.

I’m of that opion because:
1. I havn’t found any proof on icq.com
2. This letter (and the letter from da_platinum_deluxe too) has an surpassing error ratio (meaning the german “Grammatik” & “Zeichensetzung” )
3. Even if this would be true, i would just create a new account, so theres no problem for me
4. And even if these inactive accounts were the origin of the long loading time, why it would help to send some messages around???

Hope I could help, hf^^”

There is an interesting site about which always gets my laughing tears! 🙂

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