Nafcom vs. Udo

I have reported earlier about the rather new ICQ Help Center.

Well, I have noticed that the article in the knowledge base called “How do I upgrade to a new version of ICQ?” saying this:

“How do I upgrade to a new version of ICQ?
Once you download and install ICQ, notices will appear that new versions are out. Choosing to update eliminates the need for you to search for the latest ICQ version, as you automatically have the most recent version at all times!”

That’s the knowledge base article and it’s wrong

ah, read this for all info about this (i.e. my thread about it in the ICQ Focus Group):
tickle me!

Here is a quote of the thread! Enjoy reading! 🙂

Me: “But why have some people still ICQ 5.03 then?”

Udo: “You will automatically have the most recent version at all times.”

ICQ Support: “Please note that ICQ notifies its users about some of the version updates, patches and builds.”

Me: “Why does ICQ only notice about some version updates, patches and builds and not all? I think the Knowledge Base article sounds confusing here, I furthermore think that the update function should notice about all updates and new builds and not only of some!”

So knowledge base aticle says you automatically have the latest version
I say but many still have ICQ 5.02/ICQ 5.03 when latest version is ICQ 5.04
Udo says I am wrong, the article is correct
and ICQ Support says it notices only about _some_ updates

what a discussion 😀

Ah they replied again

“Hello Joerg Droege,

Your suggestion is taken into consideration.
Unfortunately right now our development program is full for the foreseeable future with high priority items.

Thank You,
Nick Slater,
The ICQ Support Team.”

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