Hooray! Father, I will soon have my cable internet!!! At March, 2nd, 2005, between 11 AM and 12 PM at GMT+1 I will get my internet connection!!!I am so much looking forward to be on ICQ and Skype again, you cannot believe!!!Read the whole story at While-Disaster! Oh and by the way… the posted GMaik […]

ICQ 5 / 2003 b Pro Emoticons

Yup, I always thought, the emoticons of ICQ5 are better compared to those used in ICQ Pro 2003b.Seems like some coder thought the same, and so there is a patch available to use the new emoticons from ICQ5 in ICQ2003b Pro.Many people still use that old Pro ICQ client version, since some functions of that […]

Twenty Questions

Okay okay, spam sucks, but this one I found interesting; An electronical version of “20Q” (Twenty Questions), an AI tries to find out what you have in mind by asking you systematically 20 questions. And the amazing thing is; It really works in most cases! I was absolutely baffled! 😀 Technorati Tags: spam, 20Q

MacDonalds China Hacked

I found this China Daily article and it amazed me. Because half a year ago, Mac Donalds China had no own homepage, even only one restaurant in whole China! Seems times have changed, and then to make things worse, some people hack it but the intro looks nice (is that Chinese singing? =) ). See […]

ICQ Survey

ICQ Survey Originally uploaded by nafcom. The ICQ Team’s first sign of humour! That is a very magical moment, isn’t it!? 🙂 I admit, telepathy is probably the most modern way of communication! Even any IM cannot beat that!!! Technorati Tags: ICQ

ICQDating Promotion

ICQDating Promotion Originally uploaded by nafcom. “Looking for someone to share your spaghetti with? Find that special someone on ICQ Dating!”.(from the index page). Isn’t that what we all want? =DICQ Shows here their real sense of humour! Well done! =) Technorati Tags: ICQ

icq error2

icq error2 Originally uploaded by nafcom. Now ICQ did it for the blind ones, because ICQ error (1) was not too recognizeable, be sure this is! 😀 my first post can be found at ICQ Error. Hehe, good that I can’t be on ICQ right now! See why at the The While-Disaster! post! Technorati Tags: […]