Hooray! Father, I will soon have my cable internet!!! At March, 2nd, 2005, between 11 AM and 12 PM at GMT+1 I will get my internet connection!!!
I am so much looking forward to be on ICQ and Skype again, you cannot believe!!!
Read the whole story at While-Disaster!

Oh and by the way… the posted GMaik Invitation is still not taken! Does nobody of you want a GMail address anylonger? Do all those who wanted already have a GMail account?!

I don’t know, but use the above invitation, please!

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ICQ photos and my stupidity

Avi, Joi and Ariel
Originally uploaded by Joi.

Yup, the photo on the right says: “Joi and founders of ICQ in Tel Aviv.”

This seems to be the only ICQ related photo I found yet.
Well, there has once been a whole gallery about it (see “The ICQ Ltd. building in Atidim“.

I have been too silly to not save them, and now the URL in the above post no longer works properly and also the Way Back Machine does not find it :'(

I hope they can be retrieved soon, because those photos were interesting!…

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ICQ 5 / 2003 b Pro Emoticons

Yup, I always thought, the emoticons of ICQ5 are better compared to those used in ICQ Pro 2003b.
Seems like some coder thought the same, and so there is a patch available to use the new emoticons from ICQ5 in ICQ2003b Pro.
Many people still use that old Pro ICQ client version, since some functions of that are missing in ICQ5.

Also great is, that a ICQ 2003b Pro –> ICQ5 message archive converter will be available soon!

So, that means after that, I can finally uninstall my old ICQ2003b Pro! πŸ˜€

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Speaking About Opera 8 – Beta 2

Inspired by the internet//seven post from Be Confused blog which speaks about the upcoming 7th version of MSIE, I want to write about the Beta 2 release of Opera 8 which just found its way on my HDD today πŸ™‚

I found it on an ex-classmate’s PC in form of an “Opera” icon and asked him: “What is this?” and he replied: “That’s a browser alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer.”.
I installed it the same evening on my home PC and on my PC at the education centre and I was fascinated, why I was that?
First it has tabbeed browsing, granted Gecko browsers have this too, but I don’t like their way of doing it.
What I like is the rendering engine of Opera (windows version and Linux version, Mac version may differ).
Especially that pics are loaded in 2 steps on slower connections, so you always have some kind of “preview” while it’s still loading.
It’s fast, the use is perfect, a very nice download manager.
Granted, in the past there has been a lot of displaying problems, but since last year and the latest Opera versions, this is history.
What I like the most in Opera 8 Beta 2 is now the ability to feed also ATOM/XML feeds (yet, till Opera 8 Beta 1 you only could have feeded RSS/XML)
Also the voice method abity is nice and the download manager suits my needs.

What I love the most about Opera is its email client called “M2“.
It doesn’t use folders, it uses “Access Points” (explained nicely here under “There Is No Spoon… I mean, Folder“).

So what I do, is to create access points instead of folders. Also great is the way to search at many places and how emails and their attributes can be found by their relations (like relations in “MS Access”).
I need only a few seconds to find the email I am searching for πŸ™‚
this perfect fact, I use in connection with “GMail Drive” (see also my post about The Email Hype! for details how I do that and see my post GMail Invitation to see how to receive an invitation to GMail from me πŸ™‚ ).

Since I use M2, I will never go back to webbased email! It’s perfect! The spam filter is really perfect, the rate got to 98% after 6 months (conclusion: the more spam you give it and the more emails you mark/unmark as spam, the faster M2’s spam filter AI will learn). It may sound odd, but I am glad about every single spam email I receive, because that means my spam filter AI will continue learning more! πŸ™‚

The internet keyboard kyes: I have those, too, I don’t have the keyboard driver installed, so it works nowhere, except in Opera! Correct, it works in Opera native. That totally amazed me when I have figured it out! (I pressed the keys in Opera accidently, once!).

To make a long story short: I simply love Opera, espeically its email client and RSS/ATOM newsreader.
I only once used its IRC client once, though.

And not to forget is Opera’s Crash Manager, if Opera crashed while browsing, it offers you to restore the browsed sites at the next start of Opera.
M2 saves emails while taping as a draft.

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MacDonalds China Hacked

I found this China Daily article and it amazed me. Because half a year ago, Mac Donalds China had no own homepage, even only one restaurant in whole China!

Seems times have changed, and then to make things worse, some people hack it

but the intro looks nice (is that Chinese singing? =) ).

See also the blog of Mrs MacDonalds mentioned here

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Big Brother TV village it happens now!

Oh and you remember this?:Big Brother TV village

I have just seen this on TV:

And Big Brother spoke: “The misery of the rest of the world shall not effect you, live in your own world, the drop falls, Big Brother – The Village – March,
1st, daily.

Now, Germany (Endemol, Netherlands) gets crazy!

I will post about it as soon as it happens πŸ™‚

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