Delicious closes! – time to move to Mister Wong

Update: Delicious just posted on their blog that the nwws that Delicious will be shut down are false!

3 Years ago I was invited to the beta test of English Mister Wong, the competitor of Delicious, the social online bookmarking service which Yahoo bought a couple of years ago told the masses that it will close soon. A big shock.

But let’s be serious. Yahoo didn’t do good to them. One example was that I had problems with vanishing bookmarks for a couple of days a while ago, I can’t remember that anybody of Yahoo Support ever replied or helped me in the process while Mister Wong Support seems to be more supportive and caring, at least when I beta tested it 3 years ago. I hope they still are as it’s now time to move.

Let’s hope for the best!

Mister Wong made an according announcement on their blog today

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Creative Labs: won’t fix bugged SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Windows 7 drivers

Creative Labs: won’t fix bugged SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Windows 7 drivers.

That is what Creative Labs told me in a Twitter message today!

I have been pointing out an issue that even was once in their Vista 64bit drivers back in the days however in Windows 7 64bit there is no workaround! So rear channels play in front speakers on optical output, it is definately a driver issue as in Windows Vista 64bit and Windows XP 32bit and 64bit it’s working perfectly well!

But Creative Support only always replied with the default answer to check out their homepage for possible driver updates. They even replied with the same answer when I sent them the issue in an airmail letter to their headquarter in Singapore.

So I decided to contact Creative Labs over Twitter instead and make the issue public this way.

(read the full issue description here, it can happen that you maybe much click on the “old server” link if available to read the message).

So here is their reply which I received over Twitter today:

” Hi Joerg, not sure if you have received a reply from us. I’ve checked out your case, and i was told that due to the ‘age’ of the (…)of your soundcard, it’s unlikely that the Product Group will continue releasing drivers beyond 2.18.0015. I know it’s a less than (…)satisfactory reply, and we have provided your feedback to the Product Group. Please accept our sincere apologies for this.”

So that means in the end I will have to sell my soundcard and buy a new one! 🙁 or constantly boot up to Windows Vista if I want to watch BlueRay in surround sound.

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