Toshiba 24WA2063DAX keeps turning off despite sleep timer and power saving are both off.

After fighting for 2 years to hav e my Toshiba TV not automatically turn off on me despite sleep timer and power saving are both off. (see suggestion 1, 8 and 11), it keeps giving me a warning after a while that the TV is powering off if I am not pressing a key on the remote. This is especially annoying as I connected it to my PC as a 3rd monitor.

The solution is found in the developer mode of the TV as described here.

It is perhaps done to avoid burn-ins (which isn’t just a CRT thing as Linus Tech Tips describes here)

Still this sucks if you don’t know about it and usually nothing much happens on your 3rd screen if ever.

Android Developer Mode for the win!

How to get Street Fighter IV working again in Windows 11

Street Fighter IV is a game that really connects certain events and memories in live, so when I found a way to get a Steam key, I went for it, and then the challenge of getting it to work in the latest Windows 11 was on.

There are basically 2 ways:

Solution 1: with GFWL (“Games For Windows – Live”) already installed
Requirements: You already have GFWL installed from a time back then (e.g. when Windows 8.x was still around, and then updated your installation to Windows 10 and then to Windows 11).

– Block StreetFighterIV.exe’s accesss to the internet in your local firewall
– When the game starts GFWL overlay will try to connect but fail and ask you to enter the game’s serial key.
– Hit Escape to exit the prompt and overlay and enjoy playing the game!

Solution 2: Replace the GFWL files and add a dummy

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