How to get Street Fighter IV working again in Windows 11

Street Fighter IV is a game that really connects certain events and memories in live, so when I found a way to get a Steam key, I went for it, and then the challenge of getting it to work in the latest Windows 11 was on.

There are basically 2 ways:

Solution 1: with GFWL (“Games For Windows – Live”) already installed
Requirements: You already have GFWL installed from a time back then (e.g. when Windows 8.x was still around, and then updated your installation to Windows 10 and then to Windows 11).

– Block StreetFighterIV.exe’s accesss to the internet in your local firewall
– When the game starts GFWL overlay will try to connect but fail and ask you to enter the game’s serial key.
– Hit Escape to exit the prompt and overlay and enjoy playing the game!

Solution 2: Replace the GFWL files and add a dummy

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