Running the webcam Logitech C920-C under Windows 10 / 11

For the longest time, there was no “settings app” available for this webcam under Windows, reason for this is, that is – as the name indicates – this specific model has been certified for use with the Cisco Conference Systems and Skype. While this particular model can be used with other video conferencing programs like Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Discord, etc – anything that isn’t Cisco or Skype will result in a short flash of the picture every couple of minutes, it is not really disturbing much and only visible for a fraction of a second, but it is not certified for their use.

In 2022, The Logitech Webcam Settings App has been updated to support the C920-C!

Unfortunately earlier this year, they removed the Webcam Settings App from the download page of the C920-C and replaced it with their new universal webcam app “LogiTune”, despite it being listed in its recent release to be officially supporting the C920-C, it is not detected by LogiTune at all!

Luckily, if you check the “more” section, of the business webcam C920e, it is still available for download and can be used to setup your C920-C as well, while Logitech (hopefully?) works on releasing a fixed version of LogiTune.

If you want to check with Logitech on the status of my bug report with them, you may refer to Ticket Number : 11130729 with their tech support department.

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