Running a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 as primary and a ATI FireMV 2250 as secondary card.

First of all, there are 2 problems here. Installing a new NVIDIA driver will fail as the installing routine will give up with undefined errors.

Secondly, there are no official Windows 10 drivers for the ATI FireMV 2250

So here is the workaround for installing by benoith in the AMD Support Forums:

I had the same issue and found your thread while trying to fix it. I am not sure if you still need help, but I was able to get this running by manually downloading the windows 7/8 x64 package for the fireMV 2250. Installing the package didn’t work, so Instead I let it extract itself, then went in device manager, found the device in it, right clicked on it, then clicked update drivers…

Then chose the “browse my computer for…” and point to the folder where the drivers extracted (most likely c:ati******)

This worked like a charm for me.

The cool thing of having an AMD graphics card as a primary card and a nVidia as a secondary card is, that the setup of the AMD drivers do not give a damn if a 2nd card is installed.

While it is a problem if NVidia is your primary card.
So here is how to workaround the issue in the NVIDIA drivers. I am installing GameReady Drivers from the GeForce Experience application on Windows 10 x64.
Posted by  AntiRivet on Reddit:

 If you’re still attempting to install, don’t use Express. Use Custom and make sure you click “Clean Install”. I deselected all of the 3D stuff as well, since I don’t use it, but your mileage may vary. Also of note, I disabled my second monitor/TV temporarily.

This should fix all your problems and allow you to update to the latest GameReady drivers without removing your secondary ATI / AMD graphics card.

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