News from Ipevo

There are some news around Ipev, the makers of the SOLO, the S0-20, etc. First bit of news: As since around July, a earplug headset is shipped with the phone (source: Ipevo’s Facebook Group Forum). Quoting Pauline Peng: “Sorry, we don’t have any headset.But the S0-20 comes with a earbud which can make your hands […]

ICQ bedclothes available!

Something for the ICQ fan and geek: ICQ bedclothes – which can be ordered from this German mail trader. So ICQ got it all. Now Skype should also think about selling all kind of stuff, too! How about starting with teeth brushes that can be used as microphones or PC tower cases with the Skype […]

Nafcom fundraises himself.

When playing with Facebook, I found out that it is actually possible to connect Moneybookers to your Facebook account by a Moneybookers app. So I did that and now if you are a friend on facebook. But I don’t think anybody will really do this 😀 It’s interesting to see how superior Moneybookers over PayPal […]