Welcome to the 5th re-incarnation of my personal website!

I am the organizer and founder of @scene_world Magazine, a Blogger, a Podcast co-host
I am also running my own blog since 2005! Click on the button to read it :)


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Crazy, creative and entertaining small little something :)


I have always been connected to retro computing and especially the Commodore 64 since I have got mine on my 8th birthday from my grandfather. As a hobby, I lead and organize an international team of C64 fans to publish our own C64 diskmag "Scene World" since 2001. I also love to video interview tech pioneers and VIPs via Skype. (Such as the creator of Tetris, or the inventor of home video gaming just to name 2 out of many). I am also co-host of the Scene World Podcast and run my own blog at nafcom.eu.

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