Browse Happy!

Sure we all know this situation. Once in a time there was some intersting site and you damned nowhere bookmarked or saved its URL!

And now I had some de-ja-vu experience, because I retrieved such a homepage! It’s brwosehappy and I found incredibly 1 person who switched to Opera. (The rest all switched to FireFox). This is not fair I feel, Opera deserves more examples than just only one!

But ok, that’s how life is :'(

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Logogle – The Google Logo Maker!

Now this is weird! It’s Logogle – The Google Logo Maker! – Yep! You can let the beloved search engine display your name or whatever you want instead of the word “Google”! A masterpiece available for English and Japanese! 🙂

I have found this at Haxi’s blog! Thanks! 🙂

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Oh No! DHTML Lemmings!

I have been on my long run of searching to find a port of Lemmings for Linux.
Unfortunately I only found Pingus, a Lemmings with penguins. Until I luckily found this blog entry speaking about a DHTML version of Lemmings which is unfortunately down due to law issues. 🙁

However I found a copy somewhere else, i.e. here. It even features tunes and sfx of the game!

So you can say it’s a 100% online port, or at least _very_ close to it! 🙂

Have fun playing! 😎

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EatonWeb is dead!

I have been adding my blog to various directories including .

I recently received an email talking about why this happened:

“[…] Eatonweb was one of the best blog directories, but over time, with mounting costs (the site has over 30,000 entries and over 300,000
ratings and comments), the site has shown its age.

I have recently purchased the site and am hard at reworking the entire structure. The entire backend is being re-written from scratch,
streamlining and updating the process. The design will be overhauled, but retain the clean structure that was its hallmark. A second
version that will help the site reclaim itself as one of the best. […]”

And finally I received another email from them saying this:

“[…] I recently sent out an email about the EatonWeb Portal being reconstructed.

After much deliberation, we fell into a slight problem. Due to an agreement, the www. portion of the site could not be used, and it would
have to forward to the previous owner’s website. With the big plans we had planned, this would not work right. So to that end, we decided
to go for a name change. As such, we are proud to announce to announce

Because of the mass amount of spam that is currently preset at EatonWeb, we decided that we would purge everything except our users. […]”

Means I will exchange the old links and graphics of the old EatonWeb with the new Blogflux ones.

Interesting is the fact that they offer also their own Google Page Rank Checker as seen here:

Free Google Page Rank Checker

Interestingly it seems to look like a normal button for the rank rating than the Google Ranking I have added earlier (which more equals a button):

Whats Your Google PageRank?

Please notice that my blog didn’t get approved yet.

Furthermore they have a nice Button Maker! 🙂

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