Everybody sure knows that: You cannot delete a folder or file because some dumb process or something else blocks you from doing so! There is now a solution for that! Unlocker! 🙂 Technorati Tags: Unlocker—-Wanna discuss this post? Then do it in

Browse Happy!

Sure we all know this situation. Once in a time there was some intersting site and you damned nowhere bookmarked or saved its URL! And now I had some de-ja-vu experience, because I retrieved such a homepage! It’s brwosehappy and I found incredibly 1 person who switched to Opera. (The rest all switched to FireFox). […]

Logogle – The Google Logo Maker!

Now this is weird! It’s Logogle – The Google Logo Maker! – Yep! You can let the beloved search engine display your name or whatever you want instead of the word “Google”! A masterpiece available for English and Japanese! 🙂 I have found this at Haxi’s blog! Thanks! 🙂 Technorati Tags: Logogle, Google—-Wanna discuss this […]

My Blog Has Got A Forum!

I have finally done it!Because I am mad like that, I have added a forum to my blog. You need to register for being able to post. I doubt it will become any success ever, but it’s at least another feature to my blog! 😎 Technorati Tags: Blog, forum—-Wanna discuss this post? Then do it […]

EatonWeb is dead!

I have been adding my blog to various directories including . I recently received an email talking about why this happened: “[…] Eatonweb was one of the best blog directories, but over time, with mounting costs (the site has over 30,000 entries and over 300,000 ratings and comments), the site has shown its age. I […]