Chris Huelsbeck in the Film Museum of Frankfurt Germany, “an evening with” … project by Scene World and Olymptronica

If you are into tech and geekeness like myself I would strongly suggest keeping an eye on my Scene World Project (Wikipedia link) it is a C64 dismag and a medial journalistic hobby project that I am running with some friends of the C64 scene since 2001.

Last Wednesday, we have had in our first show famous videogame composer Chris Huelsbeck (wikipedia link)

Thanks to olymptronica who invited us to the Film & Games – an Interplay event 🙂 Olympronica and Scene World Magazine hosts every last Wednesday between June 2015 and January 2016 a Live Twitch show as a part of the exhibition,
You can either watch it live for free at the Film Museum in Frankfurt or watch the live stream for free on Twitch at or the Twitch app for your mobile device. Please subscribe our twitch channel as well!

This month’s guest was famous Chris Huelsbeck!
Watch the the stream recording :

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