My RMA warranty experiences with Western Digital and Toshiba

I once had the issue of buying a warehouse deal Western Digital HDD to put into my NAS. Turns out the electronics of the drive were damaged and ended up short circuiting my NAS case, Amazon refusing to cover the full costs, but only a small amount which they claimed equals the “2nd hand market value” of my NAS, I got a refund for the my ordered HDD and they didn’t demand the drive back.

I explained the whole case to the RMA department of Western Digital, they got me covered, I sent in the damaged drive, they sent me a new one, I flipped the RMA replacement as such on eBay and this way had enough money to buy a new NAS case.

Another case was when our Postal Service was on strike and an OCZ SSD from Amazon was considered lost in the post, I was refunded, but received it weeks later anyway. However they sent me a different drive than what I ordered, at the item bar code was confused with another model. After a year in my cupboard, I found the drive was dead.

Meanwhile Toshiba took over OCZ and when I explained the whole situation to Toshiba’s RMA department, they allowed me to send it in for a replacement. In both cases, the stories and circumstances were so wild, I was surprised by the outstanding support from both Western Digital and Toshiba! 🙂

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