ICQ’s Thanksgiving Special!

This special is really special! It’s infact ICQ’s Thangsgiving Special! 😀 The special features: -An orangeish and brownish layouted page-A link to the ICQ Thanksgiving Board-Links to Thanksgiving ecardsand the best of it: -the rest of the space is used for sponsored links! Well done! 😀 Technorati Tags: ICQ, Thanksgiving

ICQ 5 & System Notice

There is one feature, many people miss in ICQ5; That is the Systen Notice Container ICQ2003b had. It stored any system notice and one could check who added you, etc. Did you know that ICQ5 stores some of those System Notice events in the message history folder? I found it out by accident, and you […]


Sometimes, I think emails are spam, which aren’t. Well, at least according to http://www.opera.com/m2, it was no spam email, so here is what I received:   Hi Nafcom, I just thought I’d let you know I really enjoy reading posts on your blog and have bookmarked your blog! Do check out my blog at www.chelsea4life.blogspot.com […]

ICQ Got 9!

Yesterday, ICQ celebrated its 9th Birthday! This is the screenshot showing a small Happy Birthday ad and link to their “Birthday Board”.   It’s a pity, that since last year, the Birthday celebrations are small like that! 🙁   In the recent years, they had big front page, and nice ideas, and story telling and […]

Ever thought about it?

Nowadays, many of us own broadband internet, who-hoo! That means xDSL or Cable Internet or you are connected at an educating insitution that is directly connected with their ISP over a phat light-wave cable! But for me, (as having 4M/Bit cable internet) this is not enough. The problem for Europeans (well, at least in my country) […]

Opera Wiki!

I found by accident while browsing the web, a very interesting encyclopedia! The Opera Wiki! This includes a large numbers of hints and tricks and news and etc! Even I found it interesting, being a long time Opera user! 🙂 So do not miss it and have a look! 🙂 Technorati Tags: Opera, Wiki—-Wanna discuss […]