Weird spam – Send A Letter From Santa Claus!

Things are getting weirder and weirder!

Normally, I don’t pay attention on spam emails, but I received spam from Santa this time, hehe.

On he sends your child letters!

I found it weird how some people try to make money this way. Especially despite the fact that some people like those guys offered the same some years ago FOR FREE! 😎

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ICQ 5 & System Notice

There is one feature, many people miss in ICQ5; That is the Systen Notice Container ICQ2003b had. It stored any system notice and one could check who added you, etc.

Did you know that ICQ5 stores some of those System Notice events in the message history folder? I found it out by accident, and you can see above the history of my system notice events of November. 🙂

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Still didn’t receive the replacement CPU

Seems I have a lot of bad luck with hardware lately! 🙁
I still didn’t receive the replacement CPU. The CPU in question seems to be getting hard to get now, which is a pain, since the CPU only kept working for 14 days and after over 1 month, the mailtrader still cannot send a new CPU! (The new motherboard I got since weeks already!).
I decided to call them and to request my money back by sending me a crossed cheque!
There are only a handful of mailtraders here that still can send it and after intensive searching yesterday, I decided to order it here. The availbility check says it’s in stock, so I hope it’s here by next Thursday! 🙂 Damned, I want my PC back working!!! 🙁
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Sometimes, I think emails are spam, which aren’t. Well, at least according to, it was no spam email, so here is what I received:


Hi Nafcom,

I just thought I’d let you know I really enjoy reading posts on your blog
and have bookmarked your blog! Do check out my blog at if you are into football. Nafcom I thought
I’d ask you to try this new blogging software called Qumana, it lets you
post right from your desktop, so you don’t have to sign into Blogger every
time, its got some other amazing features too. It’s a free software which
you could download from Do let me know if you like it.

(inserting HTML tags doesn’t work for me! 🙁 – i.e. the “blockquote” function seems to be not supported!)

So, here is my review:
The software works very good, it is quite self-explaining and incase of that questions arise, the online help is very simple and easy to understand! 🙂
I was amazed, that they even didn’t forget to support Technorati tags.
One simply does enter the tags and presses the “Technorati” button .
The GUI looks like a 1:1 copy of MS Office 2003! 🙂
There are a few things however I miss or don’t understand:
The image upload requires to install an API – Why?
Especially since Blogger has native photo upload function!
I seriously hope that a newer version will fix this!
I also do not like that it’s impossible to tag technorati tags consisting of more than two words! 🙁
But apart from that, I am glad, thank you, Neil! 🙂
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New ICQ 5 Xtra: Instant Match!

A new ICQ 5 Xtra is out! It’s Instant Match.

The thing works like, that you rate all your love to all your ICQ contacts, they do the same and suddenly you have an instant match! More info about this (works in MSIE): Here! 🙂

You can send presents to your new admire also, by the way… So it’s some new way for them to get some money! 😉

As one can see in the above screenshot, I have tried it with a friend! 🙂

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Gigabyte customer support satisfaction survey

After the pain with Gigabyte support, I recenently received an email in which Gigabyte asked for my opinion (i.e. asks me to take part in a customer support satisfaction survey).

I selected that I am pretty statisfied now, because infact all worked perfectly. They replied quickly, detailed and with the useful information I requested! 🙂

Well done Gigabyte! …finally!…

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ICQ Got 9!

Yesterday, ICQ celebrated its 9th Birthday! This is the screenshot showing a small Happy Birthday ad and link to their “Birthday Board”.
It’s a pity, that since last year, the Birthday celebrations are small like that! 🙁
In the recent years, they had big front page, and nice ideas, and story telling and telling facts, etc!

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Ever thought about it?

Nowadays, many of us own broadband internet, who-hoo! That means xDSL or Cable Internet or you are connected at an educating insitution that is directly connected with their ISP over a phat light-wave cable!

But for me, (as having 4M/Bit cable internet) this is not enough. The problem for Europeans (well, at least in my country) is, that websites in Asia (with exception of Singapore and mostly Malaysia!) load terribly slow over here. They load so slow, that if you try to load a site consisting of many data, it will count down speed to close-to-zero and then simply stop loading!

An example of this dilema, is this site, which loads and loads and once all the nice text and images are loaded, the flash animation itself won’t load!

And homepages located in Africa don’t load faster (with exception of Ghana) so be prepared for a long wait!

I seriously don’t think that just all the servers in China, Taiwan and co are slow, I simply think, our connection to their is just incredible… cheesy!

I hope Internet2 will fix this!


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