I have added BlogRush

Because of a positive and descriptive post at The Pisstakers mentioning BlogRush, I thought myself to try it. Since How Much Is Your Blog Worth isn’t a dynamic banner which automagically updates the numbers, I decided to remove it in favour of this. (if anybody is interested: from 2800 two years ago, it climbed now […]

Gmail security problem

I am more than happy that GMail is not my primary email address. Reason for this is not only the bad customer support and the lack of interest regarding fraud reports by its users, but also the security problems. A blogger found one and made it public. The blog post can be read here.Think twice […]

Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision

Just like the Trio, I also got a Logitech Ulta Vision also kindly contributed by AmprerorDirect This is at the moment the top-notch webcam model from Logitech. This one is even more expensive than the QuickCam Orbit MP and features a few advantages lika 5-lens-techniuqe which offers clearer picture. I have to admit the picture […]

Product Review: Ipevo Trio

I recently received a unit of the Ipevo Trio which is a Skype speakerphone. They promote themselves with “Experience over IP”. My experience is mixed. Before I received the device, I have emailed their customer support asking whether their “drivers” are Vista and 64bit compatible! I received never any reply. The thing is even a […]