Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision

Just like the Trio, I also got a Logitech Ulta Vision also kindly contributed by AmprerorDirect

This is at the moment the top-notch webcam model from Logitech. This one is even more expensive than the QuickCam Orbit MP and features a few advantages lika 5-lens-techniuqe which offers clearer picture.

I have to admit the picture is really more clearer and the same video effects like for the Orbit MP are also there and they even work better! I could even wear a beard and it would not misdetect it as a mouth unlike other webcams with this feature! So the face recognization works much better even in bad light conditions!.

Another plus is the improvement of RightLight technology so it can be even darker around me and it still looks rather good!
However this causes a delay and I cannot switch off the white control that causes this delay. No chance!

The QuickCam controlling software allows users to use multiple webcams so I can switch between the two and use them without a hassle!
Despite the fact the webcam has no tilt, the controlling function is not disabled eventhough it should be.

Another thing I do not like is the fact that the record control LED on the Orbit MP stops working if the Ultra Vision is connected (I already sent a bug report regarding this to Logitech).

The clip holding is also great and fits perfectly to the frame of my ViewSonic VX924!

The rest is like for the Orbit MP.


+Very clear picture
+Better RightLight2 technology
+Has 2 shortcut buttons for snapshop and quick test
+perfect and very stable holding for monitor frames
+Improved face recocnization thanks to better lenses and RightLight2
+Video Effects are supported

-Conflicts a little with Orbit MP on the same computer (software bug which will be fixed)
-Movement delays in dark enviroment, cannot be switched off under certain circumstances.

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