I have added BlogRush

Because of a positive and descriptive post at The Pisstakers mentioning BlogRush, I thought myself to try it.

Since How Much Is Your Blog Worth isn’t a dynamic banner which automagically updates the numbers, I decided to remove it in favour of this.

(if anybody is interested: from 2800 two years ago, it climbed now to $18,065.28. for my blog!

Thanks to all that helped!

My visitor amount also gained a little, which could maybe becaue of BlogRush or because of Mr. Dew’s new blogtemplate for me!. I will have to check that in detail.

Interesting is the raising amount of Safari for Windows users to my blog, and I can gurantee you it displays there (tested it myself) and even does with IE6 (tested too) just IE5.5 and below is a problem, but nobody uses that anymore.

My Swicki Search tags do not display in Sarafi now but I received an email from them telling me thy are working on fixing this!

Thanks to all again for being involved, including my steady readers and fans 🙂

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