If Costumer Support simply…doesn’t work

I have written earlier about how “great” technical costumer supports of some company work.

If everything goes bad, they are either:

1) Slow (believe me, 4 weeks to reply to an email is slow!)
2) Short in their answers (1-sentence-replies)
3) They ignore your inquiry.

Gigabyte Germany was sooo funny!

My questions:

“1) Does your graphics card use 2 slots (a Gigabyte Radeon X800 256MB passive PCI-E DVI/TV)
and 2) how about the heath since it’s a passive cooled graphics card? I do not want to damage the cards underneath your Gigabyte card.”

Their reply:

“No this card uses 1 slot”

Question 2) was simply _ignored_ even my re-reply noticing them and asking to answer my 2nd question kept _ignored_ as of yet.

Since their homepage/contact form system uses PHP which automatically jumps to the German devision of your service, I cannot contact user services, as I would like to (I would have liked to contact their Taiwan costumer support in the hope they are more professional).

Thanks to Google I have found their company contact email of their headquarter “Gigabyte Taiwan” and so I wrote to them an email and I find the subject a kicker! 😀

“Complaint: Your Costumer support is a pain” 😀

5 days later I have received an email from Gigabyte Germany saying sorry for they failure, and then they have rang me up and answered to all my original inquiries.

Success! 😀

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