Email Icon Generator

Well, I was browsing several blogs and found suddenly somebody making a blog entry about an Email Icon Generator! So, I have done so too (look on the left!) for my GMail address. Notice, that, if your email lands in my spam filter, then it’s bad luck. Related Blog entries: here here and there! Good Night! […]

GMail The 4th!

The GMail Team replied to me again: “Hello Joerg, Thank you for your response. While Gmail doesn’t currently support the functionality to disable thespam filter, we are testing many new features to improve the Gmailservice. Please note that it is also not possible for us to enter youraccount to transfer the messages in ‘Spam’ to […]

Google, Mess Number 3!

Hi Ho! Holy crap! After making terror emailing to GMail, becaue I still cannot access to my Spam Folder, I finally received a reply from them: “Hello Joerg, Thank you for your response. We are aware that this problem is continuing to affect some of our users, and our engineers hope to have a solution […]

Holy Crap!

Oh my father, what a crap! I have spent incredible much time with my blog’s template today, because I messed up the blog’s font displaying! It worked fine in MSIE, but not in Opera (standard Times New Roman got displayed instead!). Believe me, that reset edit and copy & paste from a backup I did, did […]


Incase everybody who reads this, wants to catch newsfeeds of my homepage, blog and fotolog (I use M2 of Opera for feeding RSS XML newsfeeds!). Here is the list: Personal Homepage Newsfeed: RSS Nafcom’s Blogger Newsfeed: RSS / ATOM Nafcom’s Fotolog Newsfeed: RSS / ATOM Enjoy the newsfeeds! Good Night! 🙂 Technorati Tags: newsfeeds