Holy Crap!

Oh my father, what a crap!

I have spent incredible much time with my blog’s template today, because I messed up the blog’s font displaying! It worked fine in MSIE, but not in Opera (standard Times New Roman got displayed instead!).

Believe me, that reset edit and copy & paste from a backup I did, did not help it! I had to use one of the default templates and re-do all the changes manually which I did, arghhh! I hate that! I have no idea why my blog stopped working properly in opera, but holy crap!; It works again!

I did a clean copy & paste of my blog’s template, and I wrote a document with all the lines I have changed it’s available as a 7-Zip archive here.

Man, this scared me all half to death, I swear you!

I also received my first comment from another blog user, thanks! 🙂

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