Changed Mind: LeadTek Producing TV USB 2 64bit Drivers!

In the end of 2005, I had sent an email to LeadTek asking for producing TV USB 2 64bit drivers, but unfortunately I only got this reply:

“Dear Sir,

Sorry for your bad experience.

We are really want to make it to run under Windows 64 bit os.
But the chipset manufuacturer stop to release 64bit driver for it.
We are very sorry for your inconvenient.

Best regards
Leadtek Service
Marketing Department, Leadtek Research Inc.”

So I decided to email the chipset manufactor (eMPIA) and I really got a reply from them:


Allow me to give you some background about your question.

Empia is a company supply chip to manufactures, like Leadtek…..others. and Leadtek is one of our good customer.

We do support 64 bit driver since half years ago. however. Every manufacture has their own schedule and reason to determine whether they shall and when they shall adopt 64 bit driver.

1. it need to have 64 bit application software to go with the 64 bit driver. Only 64 bit driver does not give you any advantage.

Attached is our generic 64 bit driver. (64 bit driver is under AMD64 folder). but most likely. it will not work with your TV card which has EM2800 inside. (some modification need to be done by manufacture themself.) It will be best for you to continue check with Leadtek for 64 bit upgrade.


After forwarding this reply to LeadTek Taiwan, they obviously changed their mind as I received this:

“Dear Joerg,

Our developers are co-working with EMPIA about the 64bit driver.
Thanks for your informations.
If any news release we will contact with you.

Thanks again.

Best regards
Leadtek Service
Marketing Department, Leadtek Research Inc.”

And the day before yesterday, I finally received this:

“Dear Joerg,

Could you support us tv box warranty number? You can find it behind tv box.
We have to ensure which model of yours.
After I got reply, I could forward this mail to our developers.

You can refer to attach picture, which one is yours? Blue or white?

Awaiting for reply.

Best regards
Leadtek Service
Marketing Department, Leadtek Research Inc.”

It can be good to be an assy customer complaining and doing email terror a lot! 😀

The full range of emails can be found on Mr. Dew’s Beconfused blog here.

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