Why the silence?

Hi everybody,

this is a message to everybody who asked me why I am on and off and wrote me “where are you?” messages on Skype/ICQ. Why is my blog no longer updated and why my forum got not spam cleaned and re-opened, etc and skype calls sound like shit if it works

Reason is: My cable internet (i.e. the ISP) sucks!

Since over 6 weeks now, my internet and phone is down almost daily between 9:30 PM and 11:30 PM. Especially great when I have late shift so I come home and everything is… dead!

I called them almost daily complaining. Shortly before my trip to Bulgaria they said they will fix it, then it worked for 2 nights just to find out again that after my return to Germany, the problem re-appeared!

They first meassured a noise once on my cable TV line and thought that’s causing the problem (on the way to them to the house in which I live there are 8 other clients using the line).

Tonight they told me on the hotline they found out the line is overloaded (that’s the disadvantage of cable internet over DSL internet: cable TV lines are a shared medium)
From the night of Friday to Saturday they will build up a second downstream line to cope with the capacity shortcommings.

I think I have the worst ISP on the whole planet!
If there was any other cable TV provider for my area (that also has similar speed for similar price) I guess I would switch.

Sorry once again!

I sorry I can catch up next week’s weekend when I have 4 days off.

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